Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stone Temple Pilots!

Our first concert as a married couple was on June 8, 2008. We went with some of our friends. Lauren Loftis and Alex Skelton. We left early in the day so we could stop by the Bass Pro Shop and do a little shopping at Gordmans. The concert gates opened at 11 so we figured it was going to be a day show and we would get home early. Boy were we wrong. Come to find out there were 7 opening bands that day. There were only a few that we even remotely wanted to watch so we all spent most of the day under a tree since it was SO HOT! Water was $4 a bottle and beer was $9 dollars a cup. Two words: Rip Off! We had lawn seats but saw a sign that said we could upgrade to chairs for only like 5 bucks a seat. So we all did. We weren't that close but at least we had a chair to sit in. The only thing Derek hated was that he couldn't smoke. But he did anyway. Even after being asked 4-5 times to stop smoking. He's such a rebel. Haha. ANYWAY, we got our seats and sat for most of the show until STP came on. I stood for most of it but couldn't really see even when standing up. I enjoyed the music though. It was a good concert but it was very hot and very expensive. The best part of the day was when Derek though he "lost me." We both went down so I could get something to eat and drink. He stayed next to the fans and I waited patiently in line. (for 30 min) After about 20 min of waiting in line Derek was starting to get worried and called Lauren and Alex to see if they had seen me. They of course hadn't because I was IN LINE! So once I got my food and drink and went back over to the fans where Derek gave me a big hug and asked where I'd been. I told him I had been waiting in line and he told me he thought that he lost me. That made me feel good. He worried about me. He's such a good guy. The show got over at around 11 or so and we made our way back to the car. Kind of. It took us about 20 min just to find the car. Haha. Once we got back to the car Derek and Alex passed out in the back seat and Lauren slept in the passenger seat, It was a Sunday night so Derek had to work the next day (even though he didn't) so I drove us all back in Lauren's car and got home from STL in about an hour. I sped a little bit. Shh. I got Derek home and we went to bed after our long hot day.

Moral of the story: if you're going to go to a concert, bring your own water and beer or else you will spend way more than you expected.

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