Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Camping and Birthdays!

So, this is the longest I haven't blogged in some time now. For that I am truly sorry. Not really. I've kind of enjoyed this short time off from blogging to just enjoy what life is throwing at me. School is speeding up and work is slowing down. I've been making some great projects in both my classes. It's nice to have a balance of working with my hands in actual mediums like clay and online working on some really fun and great websites.

Two weekends ago Stratton and I joined my mom, dad, sister, and Marcus to go camping and work on the Ozark Trail in Steelville, Mo at the Bass River Resort. This is our 4th event that Stratton and I have been to. We had so much fun getting to spend time with the family and not to mention getting to see all our OTA friends. Stratton loves the outdoors and loves getting to spend time with the family. Here are some pictures from the weekend.
We got Stratton a new pair of rain boots. He loved them to say the least. He got to walk in the mud!
 This cute little girls name is Daisy May. Isn't she the sweetest little thing you've ever seen?
 Such a big boy in his big boots!
 My mom and Stratton giving the morning pep talk.
 Dennis, Kaya and Mia our OTA buddies!
 Daisy May
 Stratton and Mommy getting to ride in Grandpa's truck to see the trail.
We didn't make it to the trail before he fell asleep. Poor little guy was tuckered out.

 After his power nap we found a "haya stick" (like karate haya)
 Our friend Emily brought her dog Beau. He kept barking at Stratton and hid under the camper. Poor little guy.
 Stratton kept mooching all of Emily's buffalo dip and chips.
 The sky was SO pretty that day. It was beautiful outside.
 The dogs obviously didn't mind the good weather. This is Oreo, another OTA doggy.
 Uncle Marcus and Stratton played baseball in the awesome weather.

I enjoyed the lovely weather as well as the AWESOME twizzlers that were left in the camper. 
They're SO good. They're even off brand too!
 Stratton kept trying to do hand stands like Kaya.
 Casey enjoying some apple cider. So lady like.
 Stratton found Grandpa's grabber and decided he had to pick everything up with the grabber instead of his hands.
  The silent auction and the raffle are one of my favorite parts of the weekend.
 Marcus and my dad waiting to get in line for the awesome food! They had the best stuffed peppers I have had in a while.
 These were all the prizes for the raffle. Of course there are the banana savers. One of the long running jokes of the OTA are these "famous" banana savers. Nobody wants them.
 Dennis enjoying a cold one on a cool day.
 Mia, Dennis, and Kaya before the raffle.
 Sisterly love!
 The OTA was given $10,000 this year from REI. They have always been so generous to the OTA.
 Stratton and Casey enjoying the awesome dinner.
 Our good friend Paul Corley receiving his Red Jacket for 25 OTA outings. GO PAUL!
 This girl brought the coolest camera I have seen in quite some time.

 It doesn't get much cooler than this.
 There's always a kids raffle too which is a mess to keep the kids back but it's fun for them because eventually all of them get something.
 The band that plays every year is always SO good. We really enjoy listening to them and Stratton loves to dance.

 You can tell by the size of the people around the fire how big the flame actually is.
 Poor Sage always gets worn out at these events.
 Sunday morning was cool and crisp but beautiful none the less. The fog was just starting to rise, the horses greeted us at the fence and the roosters crowed in the background. Oh how nice it would be to wake up to this every morning.
 The trusty camper.
 Yes, among all those pillows and blankets there is a snuggly little boy in there named Stratton.
 Marcus giving us a morning jam session.
  My dad is known for making breakfast Sunday morning for everyone. He makes the best breakfast.
 Casey and Marcus early morning...being goofy. 
Me and Stratton ready for the day. Well at least I was, he was still pretty sleepy.
  My mom found a spider on the trail yesterday and stuffed it in her backpack.
 This thing was enormous.

 They also found a giant caterpillar on the trail as well.
  This is one of the friendly OTA dogs, Krazo. (Ozark backwards). Isn't he so cute! My mom and dad almost took him home with them when he was first found by some people working on the trail.

This last weekend we celebrated 3 years of life and 25 years of life. Stratton, my pride and joy, turned 3 the same day that I turned 25. What a weekend it was! We had a lovely party at our house with lots of friends and family. We are so blessed to have such a great group of people that love us so much. Here are some pictures from this weekend.
The Whole Family :)
Lauren and Casey prepping
Alex smoking ribs
Brotherly Love. Derek and Garrett throwing the pig skin around
Marcus looking Manly
This is why I love Marcus. Because he signs my birthday card like this...
Casey enjoying some bugs...and a cup cake.
The Brennan Women
  The Brennan Women + Derek (the dork)
Me and Lauren showing some love

My sister made these beautiful treats!
Aww so cute!
Stratton loves playing washers. He cupped it this toss if you can't tell. 

My dad and his favorite cat Groucho.
My friend Leslie's little boy John. Isn't he the cutest!
  My lovely birthday cake!
Grandpa Dale and Grandma Lisa got Stratton a motorcycle!
Grandpa Dale showing Stratton how to work the motorcycle

 Action shot of Stratton. I love this picture.

Such a big boy showing off his Harley
  Stratton and John giving each other high fives. It was so cute!
Isn't he just too cute!
Uncle Garrett and Aunt Stephie!
Poor Payne. This was right after I stepped on his little hand. I felt so bad.
John riding the hog.
Lauren and the Birthday Boy

Aunt Casey and Stratton
My sweet little niece Cobie. She loved all the magnets on our fridge.
Our friends John, Leslie and Daniel came for the party!
  My grandma Marge and grandpa John
My mom and Groucho in his lovely red sweater.
Cobie loved Groucho
  Derek being manly and grilling some dogs (hot dogs that is)
  Grandma Brenda got Stratton a bike!
Lauren and Alex got Stratton a hokey game!



Stratton got MONEY!
Derek trying on Stratton's helmet. He is such a dork.
Love this picture too.
  Stratton loved all his spider man  toys.
Stratton's birthday cake! With SPIDER MAN!
Notice the little hand touching my cake.
Blowing out ALL those candles!
The birthday kids!
  This is why I love my husband so much.
Me and Grandma B

Grandma Lisa, Cobie, Ashley
Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Jim
  All the Great Grandma's. Grandma Mona, Grandma B, & Grandma Marge.
All of Stratton's grandma's. Grandma Mona, Grandma Brenda, Grandma Marge, Grandma B, Grandma Kathie, and Grandma Lisa.
Sisterly love.
Me and Les.
And last but not least Groucho being his lovely self.