Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Confessions

I confess in an attempt to try to be more girly I have not only put on makeup everyday this week but I have also gotten up early to take and shower and do my hair.

I confess I got my nails painted last weekend so I can try to stop biting my nails. 7 days down! Lets hope they last until next weekend for our friends wedding. Eep!

I confess I have had to pee for the last 3 hours but I'm WAY too lazy to get up and go.

I confess I have been taking pictures, tweeting, designing, and blogging like a mad woman. I have made $55 extra dollars this week alone doing side jobs!

I confess I am about to fall asleep because of all this rain we are getting today. Thank the Lord for it!

I confess I am seriously thinking about starting up my Etsy shop again. I really love doing graphic design and I think it would be a great way to make some extra money.

I confess I have been stressing for the last week about school but I'm secretly SUPER excited to get back in the studio.

I confess this shopping fast is seriously really hard! There is so much "stuff" I think I need but don't want to buy. Lord give me strength.

I confess I will be going to First Friday for the first time in months tonight. I'm super excited to go. I'm going to the MANaRT exhibit. Sounds pretty interesting.

I confess I am more grossed out by my husbands toothbrush than I am about my son spilling his potty chair in the kitchen. (thank God for hardwood floors and clorox bleach!)

And the Winner is.......


Karen has won a blog makeover! Complete with a new background, new theme, new header and more! Go over to her blog at Journalista and leave here some love. Hope everyone had a great week! Get excited because tomorrow is the WEEKEND!!!