Sunday, March 6, 2011 Confessions

I confess I love to snuggle with my cat and be lazy on weekends. (yes I've turned into a cat person...crap)

I confess that all day Saturday I thought it was Sunday. Literally I was panicking because it was Sunday and I didn't have my artwork done. Then I realized it was Saturday and almost cried. (ok I cried a little)

I confess I made the worst cookies EVER today. Seriously they were terrible. If I had a dog I didn't like I would feed them to it.

I confess I bought something from an "adult toy" party last week...I'm not going into detail here... (don't worry Grandma it's not what you're thinking)...and it WENT TO THE WRONG HOUSE!!!

I confess I have have slept more during the daytime the last two days that I have during the night.

I confess I think Mark Wahlberg is sexy.