Monday, February 20, 2012

Made Up Monday

Hi Friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I had a pretty good weekend myself although it looked a lot worse than it really was. Today I'm going to try to help you all out by giving you some makeup REMOVAL tips.

I had a little bit of a disaster this weekend when it came to taking my makeup off. I went to a party on Saturday night and got home late. My eye started to itch a little bit and I started rubbing my eye (with the makeup still on) and it just kept getting worse and worse. I finally went to the bathroom and took my makeup off and discovered my eye looked like this.
I know it looks horrible and let me tell you if felt horrible. I am still having to wear my glasses today to see clearly out of that eye.

So, I'm going to talk to you today about awesome eye makeup removers. The one that I like the most that has worked amazingly in the past is one from Sephora that is their brand of waterproof eye makeup remover.

 A 4.2oz bottle retails for about $9.50

I love this stuff but as much makeup as I usually put on I need several cotton pads to get everything off. For the most part though when it comes to just everyday eye shadows and mascara it does wonders. Even with waterproof makeup it does it's job really well. It is an oil based makeup remover so it will leave your skin a little oily feeling but you can easily wipe it off with a clean towel and you're good to go. 

Another good makeup remover that I like to use is Neutrogena Makeup remover wipes. 
These retail for about $7.99 for 25 sheets

This has actually been my go to makeup remover for the last couple of months. They work really well and actually help exfoliate that horrible dry winter skin. They are a little bit pricy but if you find coupons you can usually get them for around $5. They work well on both eye makeup and facial makeup which is great if you want to do an all in one swipe of your face. My recommendation for using these is to do your face makeup first and then get your eyes. I made this mistake of doing my eyes first and wound up smearing mascara and black eyeliner all over my face. It was hilarious. These too also have a little bit of an oil base to them to help get the waterproof makeup off. Again, a clean towel will easily get that oiliness off  your face and you are good to go. 

I hope you all never have to go through a horrible eye makeup disaster like I did over the weekend. If your makeup starts to burn, take it off immediately. Don't wait until your eye looks like mine before going to the sink to clean if off. Another good way to help prevent this horrible disaster is to make sure you use eye primer if you are using loose eye makeup like the powders from BareMinerals or any other loose glitter eye shadows. This will keep them in place and help from them relocating in your eye. 

Happy Monday everyone! Have a wonderful week!