Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This was our Christmas present from Derek's Uncle Jimmy our in Knoxville, TN. He got us AWESOME tickets to a blues game. There were four fights and it is now officially my FAVORITE sport to watch. Anyway, here's the pics! This was the stop light Steph ran because it NEVER turned green! It's kind of an inside joke but here it is...the slowest stop light ever!
Standing outside waiting for the tram to come while it was freezing outside. Me and Steph freezing our bums off outside. FINALLY! the tram is HERE!

This is why I don't have any pictures of Derek and I!

This would have been a good one if I had it centered. There we go...a nice couple picture of the two of us.....finally.
FIGHT!!!! #1
At least Garrett smiled for me.

Fight #3 Fight #4

You like how all off my pictures are of the fights? Haha. They were really the only interesting pictures I took so they're the only ones I wanted to put up.

More Pictures!

I know most that visit our blog are looking for pictures of Stratton. So here ya go! Look how chunky he's getting!!!!

Trying to roll over.
what a face!
tummy time!
GO CATS!!! don't you just like the beer in front of his seat?
He loves his Grandpa B
Grandpa Calvin playing with Stratton
Grandma Kathie says this makes him look like those pictures of the dogs that are all distorted.
I think Grandma was taking these pictures.
Big ol bright eyes
LOOK AT THOSE CHUBBY CHEEKS!!!! I just wanna pinch em.
His bib says it all...make my day.
Making nice faces for the camera.
Great Grandma Marge and Stratton at cousin Amy's baby shower.
He loves his daddy so much!
He was reading daddy's t-shirt.
Tummy Time! Stratton is all smiles when he plays with daddy.

Daddy helping with tummy time!