Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm back in the saddle again!

Now that I have that awesome Aerosmith song stuck in your head I'm ready to get back on here and start writing again. I have not been in the mood to blog lately. I have just been so busy with homework that every time I would sit down to write a post I would get distracted by the thoughts of me turning in a horrible homework assignment. This in return would make me quit blogging and start working on homework again. Ugh!!

So, I'm back now...for the time being at least. The semester isn't over but the huge assignment that I've been working on is halfway done. I'll share it with you all once I get it turned in and what not.

Anywho, Made Up Monday here we go. Last week I was on Sephora's website browsing for new makeup trends and new makeup talks when I got lucky enough to see that Kat Von D (my idol) was doing a live chat on Sephora's feed. I had to jump on and see if she would answer a question of mine. I got on and waited until is was open and was the 5th person to post a comment/question. Lucky me she answered my question!
 It seriously made my week! I was so pumped that she answered my question. Of course I ran out and had to buy a good rounded shadow brush haha.

I got a good smudge brush for good measure too. I have been watching A LOT of makeup tutorials on youtube lately. I have to be honest with you though...I have found that the BEST teachers are.....


Seriously! They are amazing at putting on makeup and they actually make it kind of fun to watch and learn from them. They have some great technique and also they have some tips and tricks that are seriously to die for. I'll let you judge for yourself. Here is my makeup for the day after watching a drag queen makeup tutorial.

I used shadows from Kat Von D's Ludwig Palette and Saint Palette. I also used my Sephora liquid eyeliner in Noir Black. Kat Von D's Autograph Pencil eyeliner in Puro Amor. My bottom lashes are coated in Maybelline One by One Volume Express mascara and top lashes are coated in Benefit's They're Real mascara.

What do you think about the double cat eye? Too much or too cool?