Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

I'm going to be updating this today routinely.
So far...

7:15 a.m.: I got dressed and got Stratton dressed and felt a little bit of relief when I didn't have to match shoes and socks for Stratton or myself. The tile and the carpet in our house was fine like it usually is. The concrete in our basement was a little cold but not bad.

7:35 a.m.: Took Stratton to the car and had to carry: him wrapped in a blanked, his Mickey, Minnie, and my back pack full of all my computer stuff.   Once I got out on the front steps I could tell it was going to be a little painful on the concrete. My feet are really sensitive in the mornings for some reason so walking on the cold concrete was painful.
concrete on my driveway

7:45 a.m.: Got Stratton out of the car for the baby sitters house. Concrete still hurt to walk on especially trying to get Stratton out of the car and carried into the house. The carpet rugs in the baby sitters garage were a big help on the cold concrete. Mrs Lisa the baby sitter asked why I didn't have shoes on and I got to tell her about One Day Without Shoes! Stratton is going without shoes today too but his feet are cold so he's wearing socks.
Stratton wrapped up and shoeless
8:05 a.m.: Took the long walk from my car in the lower parking lot to my office. This was probably the hardest thing I've had to do in a while. The concrete felt like glass on my feet and it burned more than it hurt. I tried walking on the asphalt as far as I could and it just hurt so bad that I tried walking in the grass. This was an even more terrible idea. The grass had frost on it so it made my feet even more cold and now they were wet. Not to mention at the top of the hill of grass was gravel. Two steps onto the gravel and I had it stuck all over the bottom of my feet. I had to stop and brush it off. My eyes were almost full of tears and I was only halfway there. This is going to be a long day. I made my way to the walkway up to the door and even the texture from the rubber mat in front of the door made my feet burn and hurt. I have never been so thankful for carpet under my feet.
asphalt in the parking lot on my way into work
8:10 a.m.: Sitting with my feet under a heating pad to try to warm them back up. I wonder how the kids who don't have shoes warm their feet when they get cold?

9:08 a.m.: I really need to go to the bathroom but I can't bring myself to go and stand on that nasty floor. I guess it's just a reminder that the children without shoes don't have the luxury of choosing if they want to walk where it's clean or not. Looks like I be making a trip down there soon enough today.

9:46 a.m.: Still needed to go to the bathroom but just cant do it. Got a few stares from coworkers since I didn't have any shoes on. My pants were really loud on the floor because they're long without shoes on. I think it's time to make the trek to the bathroom. Wish me luck.

9:50 a.m.: Time to go to the bathroom. The gold stair protects were cold and there are a few nails that stick up. I found that those are a little painful. I tried my best to avoid them on the way down.
stairs going down to the bathroom
9:51 a.m. Made it to the bathroom. Yuck.The floor is cold and I stepped in a wet spot. I almost gagged when I stepped in the wet spot.
tile floor outside the bathroom
the dreaded bathroom
yea, I'm going there
 9:52 a.m.: Washed my hands and headed back to my office. So glad I only go to the bathroom like once a day during the work day.

9:53 a.m.: Headed back up stairs while trying to avoid the gold stair protectors again.
 I did it I made it back up to my office without any nails sticking in my feet.

9:54 a.m.: Feet are back under the heating pad trying to warm back up.

11:35 a.m.: Stratton made it on the One Day Without Shoes homepage!
click on the image to enlarge it
1:12a.m.: Clipped coupons for my shopping trip to Wal Mart.
5:35 p.m.: left work to go meet my mom and Stratton at the park. Walking across the parking lot this time wasn't as bad because it was nice and warm from the sun.

5:38 p.m.: Drove to the park. This isn't uncommon for me to drive barefoot. I feel like I have better control of the petals and I like being barefoot anyway.
5:55 Got to the park and it was a gravel parking lot. Gotta love that texture under your feet. I was raised  pretty much barefoot so I learned how to walk on gravel without it hurting at a young age. This wasn't so bad since it was warmer outside too.