Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Anniversay

Today I have been married for 4 wonderful years.

There have been ups and downs but most of all there has been lots and lots of love and good times.

I am so thankful to have such a great husband. He puts up with me everyday and loves me even though I am by far the biggest pain in the butt I know. He loves our son more and more everyday and he is such a good daddy to our little boy.

Dear Derek,

Thank you for being there when I have needed you the most and loving me when I was at my very worst. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and no matter how bad our arguments are telling me you love me even if we're still mad at each other. Sometimes it's really hard for me to say it back.
 Thank you for letting me get the ugliest cat I could find and loving him just as much as I do. Thank you for cleaning out his litter box for me too because I would vomit in it if I had to do it myself.
 Thank you for being the best daddy a little boy could ask for. Thank you for taking care of Stratton when I work late or when I go to school to work on homework.  I'm so lucky to have a husband that would stay at home with my kid while I try to finish school.
 Thank you for doing things with me that we both love. I'm so glad that going to concerts is something we can do together. Even if you do look like a cuter younger version of the singer of Down. ;)
 Thank you for doing even the things you think are ridiculous. Like painting the nails on my right hand because when I do it, it looks like there was an earthquake while I was painting.
 Thank you for taking care of cleaning the house when I can't. Even though sometimes you make a bigger mess that what was already there.
 Thank you for helping me make a beautiful family.
 Thank you for being a goof ball at all the right moments.
 Thank you for helping me make many many family memories...
 Thank you for always knowing how to make me laugh.
 and thank you for not cutting your thumb completely off.

I love you so much honey. You are the butter to my bread. The mac to my cheese. The ink to my pen. I am the luckiest girl in the world and I thank God everyday that I have you.

Happy Anniversary...hope there are many many more to come!