Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ali Turner

Hey guys. So most of you all know my friend Ali. She's been my best friend since 7th grade and got me into horses and different odd jobs at barns and what not. She's been my friend through thick and thin and even introduced Derek and I. Well, since 8th grade she has been trying out the career of modeling. She has done awesome awesome work and has gone to many different places to model for such companies as Tommy Hilfiger, Dillards, Glo Jeans, etc, etc... She has been on so many print ads that I can't keep track anymore. It's crazy because if you google Ali Turner her face pops up! Well, Ali has been given the opportunity to compete to be a Victoria's Secret Angel. Here's the Website for the Contest She went to Chicago to see if she would be one of the Top 8 out of the entire nation. In Chicago alone there were over 3,000 girls. They took those 3,000 girls and chopped it to 40, then 10, then 2. They told her if she didn't get a phone call by tomorrow that she wasn't going to be part of those final two. Well, she got the phone call. She was chosen as the top 2 from Chicago. There were 8 other girls picked from New York, L.A. and online. So Ali is now in the top 10, she's flying to N.Y. today and she is going to be in a Mini Series on CBS. We will find out Dec 1st if she is going to make it to the VS runway show to be an Angel. Her chances are high and we are all rooting her on.  Keep her in your prayers and visit the website often to vote for her! Good luck Ali! We love you!