Monday, October 12, 2009

Sitting Around the Fire

Since the weather is getting colder it's perfect outside for a campfire so, Saturday night Casey and Marcus built a little fire in their pit. It was perfect outside and we even got to roast some marshmallows. Here are some of the pics my dad took with his $7 garage sale find. Sorry no Stratton in these. He was with his Great-Grandma Mona.

Marcus enjoying the lovely fire
I kept on having to scoot back and forth from the fire because I would get hot then cold. Haha.

Casey fixing the wood. I think this one looks really neat with the fire.
More adjusting.
Almost there.

Right after my dad took this I freaked out because I look so much like my mom. AHH!
Casey enjoying the fire. She looks mesmerized.
Oooo, perfect marshmallow roasting fire.
Sage likes the fire too.
Isn't she adorable?
Casey Snuggled up by the fire.