Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our First Cache

I found this picture the other day
This is my and Stratton's first cache.
Isn't that cute!
?/?/2009 White Stone Wall GC14PR7
 I'm not even sure how old he was here but he was TINY!
We made sure to put it back after we found it.

More Geocaching!

I went geocaching by myself for the first time yesterday. I usually have Stratton along for the ride so I have someone to be excited with when I find one. 
I haven't been geocaching in such a long time I had to go. I didn't have class today so I don't have as much time to make up for this week. SO, what better thing to do than geocache!

11/3/2010 A Drive In The Park  GC1E30N
This one was right inside the entrance to North Cape County Park on an electrical box
11/3/2010 Cape Splash LPC GC29DX4
This one had a spider living on the lid. Yuck! Another LPC find.

11/3/2010 A Drive In The Park GC1E30N
This one was in Cherokee Park on one of the pavilions.

11/3/2010 Capaha View From the Cache GC26PK0
This was obviously in Capaha Park. It was next to the pool in a big bush.
I picked up a travel bug while I was there. 
Vader's Lost Stormtrooper was hiding out in this cache so I took him.
11/3/2010 Wally 6 :) GC1XPRW
After I picked up Stratton from my mom we went and found this one in the parking lot of Jackson Wal-Mart last night.