Monday, May 2, 2011

My goodness that's a lot of pictures....

So, I have a lot of pictures I would like to get out there for everyone. It's been hectic these last couple of weeks because of holidays/school/work/you fill in the blank. I'm going to just post all the pictures I have and date them and give a little explanation as to what they are. So...Enjoy!
Lauren loves Groucho...don't let her face make you think differently. Groucho in return LOVES Lauren's hair.
He also loves Leslie's hair too. I had both Les and Lauren over for dinner that night and Leslie and I made
He loves him some Leslie
Our pies turned out awesome!

  There has been A LOT of geocaching going on. My friend Levi has helped me find a lot that I didn't want to go find by myself. Here is what all we found!

4/16/11 SEMOG 2007 Poker Run 05 GC11E4A
4/16/11 Common Pleas Community GCX30Z
It had been raining a lot and I bet Levi he couldn't make it across this little bitty rock path. I lost.
4/16/11 Land of Lorimier GCRJHJW
 We dropped off the Bones and Roses Geocoin (the one on the right) and picked up the CacheVenturers SG - May 06
 4/16/11 A View From Old to New GC158CW
We had to smash some money on the train tracks. :)
 4/16/11 U-Turn Clyde!!! GC26C69
4/16/11 Safe LZ travel bug hotel GC10YM7
This was the nastiest smelling geocache I think I have ever smelled. I didn't take a picture of it but it left our hands smelling TERRIBLE!
4/16/11 T4005 GC2RQQQ
I thought this one was pretty cool because it was set up by a boy scout.
4/16/11 Brookside Park GCWTXR

I couldn't resist posting this picture. I have the cutest kid EVER! The Minnie in his hands is his favorite toy now a days. He takes it with him everywhere!
I love sleeping with Groucho. He's like a little hot water bottle at 102 degrees!

I ran a 5k on the 23rd of April. It was so much fun. The weather was a little rainy but it was well worth it knowing it helped people in Africa.
My friend Jen and I after the race. My face was SO red!

I've been on a strawberry pie making kick if you can't tell. I love strawberry pies! These were for Easter weekend.
My little man looks so big on Easter! We went to church with my Grandma Marge and John. Stratton was such a good boy all through church.
He loved his Easter basket. I used green army men for the grass.
He found most of the eggs all by himself and he laughed every time he would find an egg.
All his army men.
My and the little man. (boy I look tired)
They were having a war on the coffee table.
This was a self timed picture. Not the best one we had but it's the only one I got of the whole family together.
Derek just LOVES taking pictures.

April 25th Derek and I went and got to see my favorite band in the ENTIRE world. Avenged Sevenfold! Sevendust and Three Days Grace opened the show for them. Derek and I went and got drinks during Three Days Grace. Derek kept making fun of the bass player that was wearing skinny jeans so we left for a little bit.We had really great seats and the show turned out to be so much fun even though we were under a tornado and sever thunderstorm and flood warning.

Derek wanted me to take a picture of the sound equipment for the people at work.

They're almost on! I was SO excited!
I couldn't get a good picture of the two of us. I was too shaky and Derek kept making stupid faces.
 Notice the guy hanging from the ceiling?!? That started the show. It was crazy!
The figure up in the top left corner is the guy that jumped from the rafters.
The pyrotechnics for this show were amazing. They were SO hot because we were so close to the stage.
Synester Gates is amazing! Not to mention he's really good looking too :)
 M. Shadows isn't too bad looking either. Haha.
The image on the back screen was of their late drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. He was such a huge part of the band and you can tell this show and this tour was to remember him. They did such an amazing job and I hope they come back our way again soon.