Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One More Week

So today is October 1st, 2008. Much to tell. Much to tell.

Today is the birthday of James Dale Shadrach Williams.
I haven't heard if he is here yet but seeing how it's almost 9 I'm pretty sure the little guy is here I just haven't gotten any news about him yet. He is the son on Shana and Jimmy Williams. Derek's uncle and step-aunt. Derek's cousin Ashley Williams is also having a big week this week. Not only did she get a little brother today but this weekend she is getting married. Ashley is the oldest daughter of Jimmy (Derek's uncle) she is getting married to one of the sweetest guys. His name is Justin Hoskins. Derek and I wish we could be there for this wonderful event but since there's no baby here yet, that means we can't go.

Speaking of our little one getting here. Derek and I went to the Dr yesterday and he told us the good news. He said I was dilated to 2cm. Which doesn't seem like much but its better than nothing. Anyway, on with the good news. He said that if I haven't had him by Tuesday the 7th that he is going to induce me that day. So, if all goes according to plan, we should have a baby by either Tuesday night or Wednesday early morning. YAY!!!! Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday (the 28th) was a great night for us though. We were both getting ready for bed around 10:30 or so when I started to not be able to breath very well. I was having a hard time breathing and my chest was really tight. So, I called Cathy Schloss my building blocks lady and she told me to call the Dr who was on call. I called and woke the poor guy up and he advised me to just head up to the hospital. So, that's what we did. Derek and I packed into the truck and headed up there. No bags, no extra clothes, nothing. Just my purse and him. We got up there and I wasn't in labor so the guy at the desk sent us down to the ER. So, I sat still gasping for breath as they asked me my life story it seemed like and after some paperwork and a few more questions sent me up to the OB without Derek, because he was still filling out paperwork. I was scared s**tless at this point. I still couldn't breath, my chest hurt, I was being wheeled up to the OB by myself and all I wanted was to be at home, in my bed, asleep. But no! They wheeled me into my first room where I had to get one of those LOVELY gowns on that is great for pregnant women because it's just big enough to get around your belly and your ever so wide hips and barely creeps past your now stretch mark covered butt cheeks enough to kind of shut in the back. Needless to say I mooned every nurse that came in that night if they liked it or not. Once I was in my lovely get up they put me in a bed and proceeded to ask me MORE questions. I could barely breath and they are STILL asking me questions! About that time Derek found his was from the ER back up to my room where the poor guy had no idea what was going on. I didn't either at this point. All I knew was that they were rolling me into a new room. We got into the new room where they told me I had to get an IV and some blood work done. My friend Jennifer Morris was the one that took my blood and she did great. While Jennifer was getting my blood work the other nurse was getting my other arm prepped for the IV. Which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. All this and I still wasn't done with getting stuck. Since my blood pressure was through the roof they had to get a pee sample too! Easy enough right? Pee in a cup, send it to lab, get the results....done. WRONG! More like......spread your legs, get the first catheter put in, FULLY FEELING EVERYTHING, have the nurse say "well, I gotta get another one. I slipped that first try and didn't get it in.", have another nurse come in, hold up my ever shaking legs, stick the dang thing in AGAIN, get the sample, and bleed for the next 2 days. Lovely, I know. So, at this point I'm scared, I'm shaking, I'm hungry, and I just want to go home. Eight long hours later Dr Morton (my OB) comes in and says that I'm free to go home. My blood pressure was back down to somewhat lower level and I wasn't having contractions as frequently anymore. I later found out from one of my friends that works up at the hospital that they had a seizure syringe ready on hand for me since my blood pressure got so high.

Anyway, I stayed for 8 hours, got no sleep, was in some pain from getting stuck so many times, went home, slept all day Monday and found out my good news yesterday (tuesday).

Only one more week and my little guy will be here.
Can't wait to put pics up on here for everyone!

Oh, p.s. it's my b-day tomorrow!
22 years old! 10-2-08