Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catching up.

Ok, so since the last time I posted SO much has gone on. There was a trip to the E.R. (nothing serious) more grandparents came to see the baby, and I have more pics that I know what to do with.

Lets just start with Friday the 10th. So, to start off the morning I was extremely cranky. Lack of sleep. Derek got a call from his mom that they were on their way over. I freaked because I was still in nothing but shorts and a bra because all I have done for the last 9 days is breast feed, change diapers, and sleep (every now and then). So Derek stalled and showed them the outside of the house. Mind you Brenda (Derek's mom) has yet to get to see the baby so she is dying to come inside to see him. I get dressed and do what I can to look at least a little bit presentable and finally they came inside. Well, on my way to taking Stratton out to see Breanda and Jim, Stratton starts to spit up and it's PINK! I freaked out a little bit and called Cathy my Building Blocks lady. She told me to call Dr Olson our pediatrician so I did. Well he was out so I had to wait for the nurse practicitioner to get back with me. Right after I got off the phone with her Stratton spit up again and it was BROWN with red streaks in it. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. (so I thought) I called the Dr back and told them what was now coming out of him and they told me to go up to the E.R. BIG MISTAKE! So, the first 10 min Stratton's Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Jim are there we have to pack him up and go up to Southeast to see what's wrong with the baby. I of course was a mess and was crying and carrying on. Derek kept telling me everything was ok. I didn't really believe him though I should have. We got in and 6 hours later got an answer. So Brenda's first pictures with Stratton are in the E.R. room. Here is Brenda's first pic with Stratton. Don't you just love the lovely blue backdrop? Daddy was making baby feel better and Grandma just wanted to hold him more than anything. Derek didn't show it but I think he was kinda scared too. He slept most of the time.

Turns out it was from me. Since I was raw from breast feeding my girls were cracked and bleeding and he was getting blood from me plus milk. So, 6 hours of waiting to find out that it was because my nipple were cracked and bleeding. I guess I shoulda just looked down and put two and two together. I felt so bad that our first day with Brenda was in the hospital. I felt so bad.

After the hospital we all went back to our house where Stratton's Uncle Garrett, Great Grandma Maxine, Grandma Brenda, and Grandpa Jim came over. Uncle G loves his little nephew. 4 Generations Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Jim were so happy to finally get to see Baby Stratton.Grandpa Jim loves his little Stratton too. Stratton loves his snugglie. It makes him all swaddled up tight and he sleeps MUCH better. Grandma Brenda couldn't put him down. She loves her little Stratton so much. I love this picture. He found him thumb and was sucking on it. It was so cute. He sounds like a little pig. The gown is a little big but he loves them and so do I. They make it so easy to change diapers. Our foot stool has officially become a sleeper for Stratton when we are in the living room. He sinks down into it. Daddy changing Stratton's dirty diaper. Happy Baby! So glad his diaper is clean. Thanks Dad! Stratton was staring at his Grandpa Jim. Isn't that sweet? Stratton loves his swing. It puts him right to sleep when he gets fussy.
Grandma Brenda stayed the night with us last night to let me and Derek get some sleep. It was so nice of her. Jim, Brenda, and Derek also hung pictures and shelves around the house as well. Brenda was such a good help. We can't wait to see her again for christmas.
The last few days I've had a terrible migraine and my body has been achy. I think I have the flu. Can't wait for this to pass.