Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Word Of Warning

I bought these candle holders a few weeks ago at Target and one of them CAUGHT ON FIRE!
They are supposed to be candle holders to CONTAIN the flame but instead they caught on fire. It was terrible. We wound up getting hot wax everywhere. Thank God there wasn't anything close to it that could have caught on fire. DO NOT BUY THESE REGARDLESS OF HOW CUTE THEY ARE!

Jimmy's 50th Birthday

These are from a long while back (like most of my posts) when we had a birthday party for Derek's Uncle Jimmy's birthday. He celebrated the big 5-0! Here are a few pictures from the party.
 Poor Payne was probably thinking "would you get that thing off of me!"
Stratton and Derek. Don't they look SO handsome.
Kristy, Judy and Lisa enjoying the party
Mona, Dorothy, and Bonnie enjoying the party with Garrett and Justin having a serious conversation in the background.
Ashley and Whitney.
Jimmy and Kevin Rampley looking somewhat tough. 
The two little boys (Stratton and little Jimmy) had SO much fun dancing while Doug Reece played the guitar for the party. He did a great job!

Missing Pictures from Bass River Resort

So I thought from a few posts back that I had lost all the pictures that I had taken when we  went to the Bass River Resort last time but YAY! I found them!
Stratton was helping give the morning announcements.
Living proof that my mom is indeed at dork.
Poor Stratton was sick with his new teeth coming in all day long.
He was feeling VERY free out in the wilderness.

Big Ol Spider at Work

There is a HUGE spider at work that everyone has been watching. She's been out there for a few months now and has laid three egg sacks. Surprisingly nobody has bothered her. I had to take a few pictures of her and how pretty she is.
She's SO pretty and she has been such a good momma to her baby spiders. She has been eating all the grasshoppers that we have been feeding her. It's pretty cool to watch her grab it and eat it. I need to get a video of it!

Trying Out A New App

I got a new app on my phone called hipsomatic. It's pretty much a vintage camera look to your pictures.
What better subject than Stratton.