Monday, July 11, 2011


Don't forget!!!

In about 2 1/2 hour SEMO Bloggers will be having their first meeting at Calix.

July 11th at 6pm at Calix coffeebar on Broadway. Bring your laptop if you'd like, and a little cash-ola if you want to eat dinner. Calix will have soups and sandwiches available, and also delicious coffee :)

The purpose of this first meeting is to get to know each other a bit, take down each other's info i.e. Twitter accounts, websites, etc, and to discuss blogging goals.

If you have a friend who is an avid blog reader but doesn't yet have a blog themselves, bring em' along!  We'd love to meet them and also help them start their own blog if they're interested!

Hope to see lots of people there!

31 Days to Clean - Day 6

Day 6 - The Six List - The $25,000 Piece of Advice

Today we talk about "The Six List"
The six list started in the 1920's and was developed by a man named Ivy Lee. He shared his "six list" wish another man...Charles Schwab, the owner of a steel company. Lee charged nothing of the "six list" but told Schwab to try it for 90 days and to pay him what he thought was appropriate for the idea. Schwab paid Lee $25,000 (fyi: the income of an average worker during this time was $600....a year)

So, how can you use The Six List?

Before you go to bed, make a list of the top six things you need to accomplish the next day in order or importance, but list NO MORE than six. Then go through the list the next day in order and cross off what you do as you go.

To read The Six List Story click HERE

Mary Challenge:
Make a six list and use it for six days in a row. Put the most important things first, and then finish them in order (do not skip around). Why you don't accomplish on that days list put at the top of the next days list.

Martha Challenge:
Kitchen - Clean out and organize all your cabinets.

Picture dump

Groucho Streching
Stratton watching Groucho eat. He was SO interested in what he was doing.
 Stratton gave him lots of kisses too.

 Got my toes done the other day with my sister and her two friends. Mine is hot pink with black crackle.
 Stratton seriously loves giving Groucho kisses.
 I gave Groucho a bath and Stratton held him to keep him warm after he got.

 He held him like a baby! It was too sweet.

Fun at the Park

Derek, Stratton and I went to the park yesterday after breakfast at Bob Evans. Stratton loves the park and I love taking pictures of Stratton at the park. He always has such a great time when we go and he plays with other smaller kids so well. Here are some of the pictures I took from yesterday.


Day 5 Results

Day 5 of cleaning was the MOST frustrating day so far. I hate cleaning blinds. I actually wound up breaking 3 panels off of them. It doesn't help that the blinds have probably been there since the house was built so I went to Wal-Mart last night and bought some new blinds. Unfortunately I didn't have my cell phone with me when I went and I forgot to ask Derek what size they were. I bought what I thought looked right and took them find out they were 6 inches too short. I will be going back today to exchange them for the right size.

I also cleaned all the windows in my living room, kitchen, and the back sliding door that is in our dining room. They're all pretty well together so I figured what the hey.

Here are my results. You can't really tell that the blinds are any cleaner but you can see the damage I did. Stratton even helped me out throughout the whole thing. He is such a good help.
 Love my little helper.