Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stratton Helping Aunt Casey

 Every summer Marcus goes white water rafting out east and Casey has to stay home for most of it so Stratton and I go visit her when we can. Stratton loves to help his Aunt C and I like Casey's cooking so we go as often as we can.
Today he was helping Aunt C Sweep off the driveway.
It was hot after all that hard work so we let Stratton play in Aunt C's water sprinkler with Sage.
  He LOVES his Aunt C and LOVES his Aunt C's water sprinkler.

Baby Payne Sitting

Derek, Stratton, and I got to watch Payne a few weeks back. It was kind of a practice to see how well we could handle two kids at one time. It was a pretty good idea as to what it would be like if we had another. He's such a great baby and we had such a great time. Enjoy the pics!
He is such a cute baby! I love him so much!
He fell asleep in my arms so I put him on the couch and had to take pictures.
Stratton was such a big help. He helped put Payne's pacifier back in his mouth when it would fall out.
Derek played guitar for Payne and he loved it. It was so cute.

Thanks Garrett and Steph for letting us watch Payne. It was SO much fun and he is such a great baby.

Cape Swim Park

My sister and my mom have been taking Stratton to the swim park this last summer. He has so much fun there and he comes home completely exhausted which is great! I went and visited them while they were there one time and I took some great pictures. 

Stratton's Swimming Lessons

This is super late. We signed Stratton up for swimming lessons this summer and he pretty much hated it. It was basically just trying to get him used to the water even thought he was already really good at being in the water. He got mad one day and hit my friend Maggie in the face. This is what he looked like after getting in trouble.
You could tell he felt terrible. We sent Maggie a sorry text and she said it was ok so we went and got ice cream. Then he looked like this...
After we got ice cream we went home and sat on the tailgate to watch cars go by. We waved too.
Hi cars! Hi trucks!

Stratton's Such a Cool Kid

I love this picture! He is such a cool kid!

Camping at Trail of Tears

Auntie Pam was helping me sew a patch on Garrett's pants.
She's SO good!
We couldn't put the pedal on the ground because the grass was too tall so she had to hold it in between her legs. What a pro!

We had so much fun the two days that we came out. We didn't get to stay the night because Stratton wasn't feeling very well but, we got to hang out around the campfire and roast marshmallows. Even Derek came out to hang out with the whole family. It was awesome. We had such a great time.


Stratton and I have found the world of Geocaching!
For all of you out there wondering what the heck geocaching is.
Click Here  to check out the official website for it.

We have had so much fun finding all the different ones around Cape and Jackson.
Here are our logs so far!

8/10/10 Road To Nowhere GC20ACR

This was the first one we didn't find. It was kind of disappointing until we found out it'd been taken.
It wasn't over there
It wasn't here
It was ALL GONE!

8/11/10 SEMOG 2007 Poker Run 05 GC11E4A
If you notice there's a stick in there. Yea, Stratton put that in there. :)

8/11/10 Birds of a Feather GC1TRJH

8/21/10 9/11 Cache GCY6AM

8/21/10 Choctaw Park Cache GC1TQ6Y
We found a praying mantis. Stratton seriously thought this was like the coolest thing EVER!
I love this picture. He would touch it and then scream. It was adorable.
8/21/10 A Way Out of the Park GCWT3H
This was a two part cache. We had to find the first cache that had the second coordinates for the real cache. AND I got to use my new GPS that I got (early) for my birthday.
 This was the real find for this cache. It was nasty reaching my hand in there to grab this one. It was wet and covered in mud. 

8/21/10 Wind Talker GC11PT5
I literally jumped out of the truck and did a grab and go. Super quick to find this one.

8/26/10 A Rose By Any Other Name GC15HWF
This is a really cool mushroom that we found on the way to find the rose garden. I thought it was cool.
The only bad thing about this find was that we had to get help from a lady that passed by. One of the placards for the roses was missing and it was part of how to find the coordinates.

8/26/10 Urban Micro GCY1K4

8/26/10 River Heritage GC1AXZP

8/26/10 Smallest Park In Cape GC1BYH7
Yea, he didn't want to pose for this one. He wanted to play with his toys.

8/26/10 A View From Old to New GC158CW
This was the last one of the day. We had a great day this time and we found all of them that we went out looking for. Great day for geocaching.

9/4/10 Saddlebrook GC10QKP
Thas was Laurens first geocache adventure! She loved it!

9/6/10 Old Bethel GC1J40Y
Derek's first geocache find. We are going to go back to this one because I think we just hit the tip of the iceberg and only found part of the cache.

9/6/10 Father Time GC2DPDW
Woo Hoo! We found it!

9/6/10 Wally 5 :) GC1XPR0
This was the only picture we got from this cache.

I can't wait to find many many more! Hopefully I can get Derek to go with me more often so it's not just me and Stratton any more.