Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Good intentions...

I have seriously had good intentions to post all the fun new exciting things that we have been doing lately but I have seriously been swamped! Finals are next week and I have a HUGE project that is due on Wednesday. I fully intend to put all the awesome pictures and fun things that I have been doing lately up...sooner or later.

Here is some pictures from last weekend. My sister-in-law Steph and my nephew Payne let me and Stratton join them for some fun at the Christmas Tree Farm! It was so much fun. It was a little windy which made it kind of chilly but it was still really fun. I know Stratton really enjoyed his time there.

This here friends, is the epitome of a horrible picture. Haha. Steph has her eyes closed, Payne is crying and Stratton isn't even looking at the camera. Good job all! Awkward Family Photos here we come!
 They had sheep! We passed by them on the way up to see all the pretty trees.
 Aren't those little ones just the cutest? I think next year we might have to get a real tree...maybe.
 We just missed getting to ride on the wagon that was being pulled by mules. I just think they are so pretty.
 Aren't the just so neat? I love their color.
 Payne and Stratton were enjoying goldfish on the way up to see all the trees.
 Stratton was having so much fun on the wagon ride. Payne had to be bribed with goldfish before he could really enjoy it. Poor little guy. He had fun after he got used to it.
 This picture is for my dad. It looks like something he would take a picture of and post as his profile picture on facebook.
 Payne loved the horses. They were so good!
 Stratton liked them too but he hated getting his picture taken.
 Not once did he look at the camera.
 I love the little thank you sign painted on the back side of the barn.
 Finally a good picture of Stratton.  This is so cool. Hopefully we can come back for years to come and see how he's grown.

Stay tuned for our ever so creepy new family tradition of "Elf on the Shelf." No wonder my kid won't sleep in his bed anymore. He's scared this thing is watching him.
It very well may be the first and last year of this lovely family tradition.