Stratton and I have found the world of Geocaching!
For all of you out there wondering what the heck geocaching is.
Click Here  to check out the official website for it.

We have had so much fun finding all the different ones around Cape and Jackson and anywhere else we can find them.
Here are our logs so far!
This was our very first find!
4/?/2009 White Stone Wall GC14PR7
 I'm not even sure how old he was here but he was TINY!
We made sure to put it back after we found it.

8/10/10 Road To Nowhere GC20ACR

This was the first one we didn't find. It was kind of disappointing until we found out it'd been taken.
It wasn't over there
It wasn't here
It was ALL GONE!

8/11/10 SEMOG 2007 Poker Run 05 GC11E4A
If you notice there's a stick in there. Yea, Stratton put that in there. :)

8/11/10 Birds of a Feather GC1TRJH

8/21/10 9/11 Cache GCY6AM

8/21/10 Choctaw Park Cache GC1TQ6Y
We found a praying mantis. Stratton seriously thought this was like the coolest thing EVER!
I love this picture. He would touch it and then scream. It was adorable.
8/21/10 A Way Out of the Park GCWT3H
This was a two part cache. We had to find the first cache that had the second coordinates for the real cache. AND I got to use my new GPS that I got (early) for my birthday.
 This was the real find for this cache. It was nasty reaching my hand in there to grab this one. It was wet and covered in mud. 

8/21/10 Wind Talker GC11PT5
I literally jumped out of the truck and did a grab and go. Super quick to find this one.

8/26/10 A Rose By Any Other Name GC15HWF
This is a really cool mushroom that we found on the way to find the rose garden. I thought it was cool.
The only bad thing about this find was that we had to get help from a lady that passed by. One of the placards for the roses was missing and it was part of how to find the coordinates.

8/26/10 Urban Micro GCY1K4

8/26/10 River Heritage GC1AXZP

8/26/10 Smallest Park In Cape GC1BYH7
Yea, he didn't want to pose for this one. He wanted to play with his toys.

8/26/10 A View From Old to New GC158CW
This was the last one of the day. We had a great day this time and we found all of them that we went out looking for. Great day for geocaching.

9/4/10 Saddlebrook GC10QKP
Thas was Laurens first geocache adventure! She loved it!

9/6/10 Old Bethel GC1J40Y
Derek's first geocache find. We are going to go back to this one because I think we just hit the tip of the iceberg and only found part of the cache.

9/6/10 Father Time GC2DPDW
Woo Hoo! We found it!

9/6/10 Wally 5 :) GC1XPR0
This was the only picture we got from this cache.

09/26/2010 In the Neighborhood GC1Y3Z9

I didn't get a picture for this one. It was cold and rainy so I was happy just to find it and be able to get back in the car to where it was warm. I didn't even get Stratton out of the car for this one. We were on our way back from an OTA event. Stratton stayed in the car eating french fries from Steak and Shake and I looked. Fun. 

09/29/2010 River Despair Cache  GCVW4A
Grandma Kathie found this one. She did so good!

I got Derek's step-dad Jim to come help me look for a geocache down the street from his house.
It took us a good 45 min to find this one. It was up under a tree under a stump that was fake. 
This is by far my favorite find yet. It was SO cool!

11/3/2010 A Drive In The Park  GC1E30N
This one was right inside the entrance to North Cape County Park on an electrical box
11/3/2010 Cape Splash LPC GC29DX4
This one had a spider living on the lid. Yuck! Another LPC find.

This one was in Cherokee Park on one of the pavilions.

11/3/2010 Capaha View From the Cache GC26PK0
This was obviously in Capaha Park. It was next to the pool in a big bush.
I picked up a travel bug while I was there. 
Vader's Lost Stormtrooper was hiding out in this cache so I took him.
11/3/2010 Wally 6 :) GC1XPRW
After I picked up Stratton from my mom we went and found this one in the parking lot of Jackson Wal-Mart last night.

We dropped off the travel bug we picked up. It's name was Vader's Lost Stormtrooper
When I picked the bug up out of the Capaha view from the cache 
The paper was a little ratty so I made it a new one.
Here is what the old paper and the new paper look like along with the Stormtrooper bug.

Our second stop was right across the street from the Cemetary

11/4/2010 Old Mckendree Chapel GC10NCF
This building was so neat. They have made a structure to go over it so it would last longer.

11/6/2010 525 New Bethel GC19P9G
I thought this house was really neat looking on the way home so I had to take a picture.
11/20/10 Symbol of Remembrance GC1EGXB
 Cheesin' for Grandma Kathie.
 We found it!
 I'm not really sure what he was saying but these pictures are kind of cute.
11/20/10 Boardwalk GC2D0FY
 This one took FOREVER to find. It was cold and windy and it took forever.
But it was worth it.
 11/20/10 Church on the Hill GC1K1BQ

Spent the day at the winery then found a geocache after we left!
 We picked up 2 trackables while we were here too.
3/16/11 Ganymede GC2NXGN
Grandpa Calvin joined us today.
We dropped off the Travel Bug Hyundai here.
We dropped off the Micro-Brew Snozzberry here and picked up an awesome geocoin here.
Davina's Bones and Roses Geocoin

 This was a benchmark that was next to the geocache we found
The geocache was called Neighbor to a Benchmark so it was pretty fitting.
My friend Darryl Ann and her daughter Kendall came along with us.
 3/17/11 Neighbor to a Benchmark GC1B4CM
 It was so windy poor Stratton kept getting knocked over by the wind.
 I love Kendall's hair in this picture.
 We finally found the cache!

3/17/11 No Turn Clyde!! GC25VF0
Darryl Ann found this one. I was looking in all the wrong places. Hah!
3/17/11 Eagle Peek GC26AJY
 Kendall holding the cache.
Stratton holding the cache. 
It was such a great day to get out and go geocaching with good friends!
3/18/11 CGCC1 GC1AN9Y
This was a neat little cemetery. It was little creepy because of all the infant tombstones but it was a good find anyway.

3/18/11 Left Turn Clyde!!! GC251XM
You can read ALL about this lovely find here.
 Yes, those are the cops...that someone called on us.

3/18/11 Another Bring in the Wall GC2GB73
This is the sign for the high school I went to!

4/9/11 Juden Creek Trail GCV5K5
We found it!
This was on the Juden Creen trail downtown in Cape.
It was a good short hike.
 We found a skink too!

4/9/11 Welcome to the City of Saint Louis GC2C4FH

4/9/11 Christy Greenway End for Now GC2D074
 Our first fence post cache! One of my favorites so far.
 It said it was a short "grassy" walk to the cache.
Guess not.

 4/9/11 Well Rooted GC1Z309
We were all three barefoot. This was a little painful. Especially the walk to the bathroom where there was a sweet gum tree with gumballs.

4/9/11 MO I-55 South Rest Area Exit 110 GCTE9Q
 This was on the way home from St Louis.
It was the last one for the day.
Stratton was passed out cold in the back seat of the car.

4/10/11 Spec Ops Plaza GC11ANG
This is the third time I've gone to look for this one and Levi found it up under a pine tree.
The hint was "needles to say and that's not a typo."
It was a little hard to get to and I couldn't figure out the dang hits for the coordinates.

4/10/11 Lost in the Woods GC112ND
 This was by far the biggest cache I have ever found.
It was full of ants though so we weren't about to pick it up for the picture.

4/10/11 The Three Stooges GC1F0QD
There were three stumps it could have been in.
Hints the name "three stooges"

4/10/11 Down in the Hollow GC15X9J
 This was at Cape County Park.
It was a nice little hike and we got to see a bunch of neat plants.
 I thought this tree looked cute.
 We even found morel mushrooms!

4/10/11 See Southeast #3 Stuck On You GC2EGKV
This was the first "screw" cache I've ever found.
I was not about to touch that nasty gum tree either.

 Took 2 tires to find it. First attempt was with Marcus and we couldn't find it.
Levi found it in like 3 seconds.
It didn't help that it was at night the first time we looked for it and the container is black.

I found this one! Lots of people (muggles) around so we had to be stealthy.

4/10/11 Stonewall Jackson GC1GW6P
I finally found this one...on my third attempt.
4/16/11 SEMOG 2007 Poker Run 05 GC11E4A
4/16/11 Common Pleas Community GCX30Z
It had been raining a lot and I bet Levi he couldn't make it across this little bitty rock path. I lost.
4/16/11 Land of Lorimier GCRJHJW
 We dropped off the Bones and Roses Geocoin (the one on the right) and picked up the CacheVenturers SG - May 06
 4/16/11 A View From Old to New GC158CW
We had to smash some money on the train tracks. :)
 4/16/11 U-Turn Clyde!!! GC26C69
4/16/11 Safe LZ travel bug hotel GC10YM7
This was the nastiest smelling geocache I think I have ever smelled. I didn't take a picture of it but it left our hands smelling TERRIBLE!
4/16/11 T4005 GC2RQQQ
I thought this one was pretty cool because it was set up by a boy scout.
4/16/11 Brookside Park GCWTXR

Stratton didn't want to take a picture. He was being a little bit of a turd.I found an old shoe in the bushes before my dad actually found the geocache further up in the bushes.

 My dad and Stratton were playing in the fountain. My dad was showing him how to make hand prints on the concrete.
This was a pretty neat way to hide a geocache. It was up under the picnic table and it was tied by a wire. Stratton was too busy filling his pants to take a picture with me for this one. 

 We couldn't get him to look at the camera. He just kept giving me hugs and kisses.  This cache was hanging up in the tree by a little wire. It was a pretty neat place to put it but I'm pretty sure a lot of college kids pee in that corner after a long night of drinking.
 He and my dad had to go investigate a bird that was on the ground. Don't worry it was alive. 

After we found the towers geocache we decided it was time to eat so we went to the Cafe n' Me for dinner. Stratton always eats SO much when we go there so I knew if we went he would have a full belly and be ready to go home and take a bath and go to bed early. After we ate we decided to do one more though. It was right down the street from the Cafe n' Me so we stopped and picked it up.

Stratton stayed in the car for this one so my dad and I parked close and found it pretty quick. It was tucked in what the hint called "a great place to put Easter egss." NOT TRUE! Those bushes were full of pointy thorns. The only eggs I would hide in there for Easter would be for kids I don't like. Haha.