Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 13 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 13: Goals

-Save up for Stratton to have a nice car, and pay for his college
-Upgrade to a bigger house so we can fit a family of 4 easily
-Get a better job than what I have (my dream job would be working for the
-Save up for a retirement so we don't have to die while we're working
-Get Derek a new vehicle (Nissan Xterra)
-Get completely debt free
-Graduate from College
-Get a few raises at work
-Get a degree for graphic design online
-Have another baby and not gain 50 lbs while I'm pregnat
-Run a half marathon or do a true triathlon
-Do more benefit runs around town
-Find 1000 geocache with Stratton
-Have another healthy happy baby
-Get a dog (someday)
-Be a good mom
-Be a good wife
-Cook at least 5 times a week
-keep up with the laundry
-Graduate with my BFA (if I can)
-Go camping at least 5 times a year
-Visit my grandpa's grave more often
- Call both of my grandma's more often
-tell my family I love them more often
-Learn how to slackline
-Go skydiving
-Make a bucket list
-Watch less television and go outside more
-Drink more water every day
-Go outside and enjoy at least 5 minuets of fresh air
-try to get Derek to quit smoking
-go hiking at least 3 times a summer with Stratton AND Derek
-Spend more time with Derek and Statton and less time working
-Learn how to play guitar
-Go to church more often
-Read as much as possible