Tuesday, July 19, 2011

31 Days to Clean Day 10

Day 10 - Feeling Overwhelmed

I am just going to start where I ended off. I cleaned for the last few days but just to make myself feel better I'm going to go back and clean them again just to make sure it was really done right. I haven't felt well since Saturday and I think I may have had a stomach bug. I've been sleeping on the couch for the last 3 nights but I feel better today. Thank the Lord.

Here is day 10 of my 31 Days to Clean

When your house is a mess, there are dishes all over your counter top, toys everywhere, papers piled up, laundry all over the place, and you have that "I'm so behind in life" mentality. It's very easy to get overwhelmed. You feel like every time you clean something it just gets blown over by the tornado you call your family.  When I look at the piles of laundry in my bedroom I see Mount Vesuvius. I feel depressed, and I have NO idea where to start on the massive chunk in front of me. I feel so...OVERWHELMED!

After talking about the Curse I can see at least where this piling up comes from and I have a better understanding of why we do housework. I can see not only the day to day reasons why we should do cleaning but also the eternal reasons for taking care of my home and family. The immediate gratification of keeping my house clean and tidy is the cherry on top of my feel good sundae. But, what girl doesn't struggle with the feeling of being overwhelmed form time to time?

Here are some things that can be quite helpful when it comes to being overwhelmed:

1. Only work on one room at a time.
My mom always told me this and I never understood why until I had my own house. It's SO much easier to stay on track when you only have one room to clean at a given time.
2. Be generous to your trash can.
Purge! Purge! Purge! Throw things away! The more things you realize that you just don't need the less stress you will have in your life.
3. Get rid of toys.
We still have toys of Strattons that he doesn't even look at any more. We just need to take them to the thrift store and LET THEM GO!
4. Do the 15 min thing.
Put a time on for 15 minutes and go to work. Doing everything you can in that time frame. It is helpful, especially to those who like a challenge.
(The only problem I have with this is that I like to take my time when I clean. So, this may not be good for me but it most certainly could be good for you)
5. Just get moving!
We spend so much time fretting and being overwhelmed that we stay stagnant. Which leads to feeling worse and then ultimately...laziness and a why bother attitude. GET UP! DO SOMETHING!
6. Envision the big picture.
You know that feeling when you walk into your home and you can take have that only sigh of relief. That is the kind of home that I want. A clean, friendly, and inviting home that isn't so sterile that people think we are doing surgery in our home. I want to envision a nice tidy, clean, inviting home and make that my big picture.
7. Get off the computer.
Seriously, this is probably the best advice out there...unless your work is on the computer obviously. But for me, the more I'm on the computer, the more depressed I get and the less I do. Shut it down friends. Shut...it...down.
8. Keep your eyes on the goal.
Getting you work done while pushing through the "I don't want to do this" stage will reap such great eternal rewards. You and your family will be less stressed and more comfortable when you press up that huge mountain of house work. Just think of the view from the top ad how much better you will feel knowing that you have conquered that mountain.
9. Get something new for your home that brings a smile to your face.
Buy or find something to put in your home that makes the vision you have in your head come to life that much more. It can be something small and unique that you found at a garage sale to something strange you found in a thrift store. Whatever it is, find it, place it and ENJOY IT!

Mary Challenge: 
Light a candle, find a cozy spot somewhere quiet (only for 10 minutes - send the kids outside, wait until naps, or pop in a DVD), sip on your favorite beverage, close your eyes, and envision your big picture. Think about your home and what you want it to be. Do you want it to be a place of refuge? Inviting? Warm? Fun? Picture your home in all it's clean and organized glory, and then burn the image into your brain and heart. Now grab your journal (or notebook, or scrap of paper) and write down your big picture. Ask God to help you physically create the vision for your home life.

Martha Challenge: 
Living Room - Clean your window treatments and wash the inside of your windows.