Friday, December 4, 2009

It May Not Be Pretty...But It's Ours!

I got to put my Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night. Stratton woke up on Friday and was amazed by it. I on the other hand was nervous about what he would do with all the ornaments. Luckily for me all he does is touch it. It's great. He's so gentle with it.

From left to right. Derek stocking (set at very naughty), Stratton's Stocking (that I need to get his name put on) and mine from when i was really really little.

This is Stratton's first Christmas ornament.

This picture was taken when Stratton was only liek two weeks old. This is our Christmas ornament as a family.

Stratton's new thing is sniffing things. Weird kid. I know.


Stratton was laughing so hard at us. We would gasp and then put our hands over our ears. Not sure why he thought it was so funny but he was turning bright red.

He loves french fries and ketchup.

He's such a big boy with his ketchup. He even dips it all by himself.

Yes this is the father of my child. Don't laugh. Please.

That's much better.

Stratton loves being on the computer. He loves to watch the Gummy Bear Song.

Grandma Kathie and Stratton were playing outside on Thanksgiving. He loves being outside.

This is my absolute favorite picture of him. He's so stinking cute!!

John was showing Grandma B pictures from their cruise.

Stratton really wanted to help...or eat...mostly eat.

Stratton loved these lego blocks that Grandma Brenda bought for him. He wouldn't let Derek get them all the way stacked up before he would knock them all over again. He loved them.

Uncle Danny came in town for Thanksgiving and Stratton got very attached to him. It was so adorable.

Stratton kept poking his head. I think he liked the way his hair felt because it was so short.

Stratton and Danny were best friends by the end of the night.