Monday, January 30, 2012

Pen Mention

I was mentioned on a Pen Addict website!
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Thanks Pen Addict for the shout out about my pen addiction as well.

I'm running...

from all the nasty germs that are out there right now. Wreaking havoc on almost all the kids in Stratton's day care and now Stratton. We had a fun filled weekend until Saturday night. Lysol, Emergen-C and bleach are my closest friends right about now.

Friday was an average day at the Williams' household. Nothing out of the ordinary. Saturday morning we all woke up. Stratton came in Derek's in my bed at around 6:30 to cuddle for a few hours. We woke up around 10am (yes that's right my 3 year old slept for 13 hours that night which is not uncommon) and Stratton greeted Derek and I with a "good morning daddy. good morning mommy." It was seriously the cutest thing ever. Saturday around noon I went and got my hair done at Concepts by Amanda. She is awesome! I highly highly recommend her. She has seriously saved my hair when it was on the brink of disaster. No more color out of a box for me anymore! Anyway, I got my hair done, went to Target and ran a few errands and then made my way back home so Derek could go get a new tattoo.
The nun is the newest addition to his arm of horrors. Haha. To be honest I'm just happy it's not another skull. He got this done all day Saturday while Stratton and I hung out at the house for a little bit with my friend Sarah who is in town from Washington State. Sarah and I have been best friends since the first day we met. Ironically we started talking to each other because we happen to sport the same ear piercing. Sarah and I have convinced each other to make lots of stupid decisions but all of them have been fun and we will never forget. She is seriously my best friend. We don't get to see each other very much anymore but we talk on the phone when we can and we video chat as much as we can. Right when we see each other it's like no time has passed since the last time we talked. I'm so happy Sarah came to visit. (She's actually bringing me lunch today too!) She especially loved getting to see Stratton and Groucho while she was here.
Grocho loved Sarah, he just went up and curled up right on her lap and started purring. It was adorable. A little after Sarah got to our house, Dale and Lisa (Derek's dad and step mom) came by and got Stratton. Around 5:30ish Sarah headed back to Cape and I made my way to Josh and Ashley's house (Derek's step brother and his wife) for Ashley's birthday party and my brother-in-law Seth's "Congratulations you got into med school" party. Stratton was sweating when I got there from playing with two other boys that were there. Around 7 Stratton and I left to go to John Hazelwood's 3rd Birthday party. My friend (and fellow blogger) Leslie had the cutest Art themed party for John. Not more than an hour after being there Stratton didn't look like he felt very well. Sure enough, I turned around as he said mom and he threw up all down the front of himself and then again on the way to the bathroom. Poor little guy was so embarrassed. Leslie was such a great help and gave us some new clothes, a towel, and  bucket for the ride home.
 Yea, the red line is the drive home. The the best road for a little guy that is sick to his stomach anyway. We made it home and he only threw up once in the truck. (in the bucket thank the Lord) I got him home and set him up in the bathroom with some pillows, a stool, and the iPad so he could watch Tom & Jerry. His favorite.
He threw up 5 times all together and only made a mess while we were at Leslie's house (sorry Les! I still owe you a towell and a new pitcher).  He acted pretty normal in between throw ups but was SUPER tired. We all wound up sleeping in the living room because I washed all of the sheet on our beds. Derek slept on the couch with Stratton for a little bit and then Derek snored so bad that Stratton climbed up in the Lazy Boy with me. Then Stratton kicked me out of the Lazy Boy and I wound up on the floor with two tiny couch pillows. Sunday Stratton was back to his normal self. We kept giving him pedialite just in case he was dehydrated. Keep Derek and I in all of your prayers that we don't get this nasty bug that is going around.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend or at least one that was better than ours. ;)