Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day16 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

My Dream House

I love my house. Don't get me wrong. It's perfect for us. For now. I can see it getting too small for us when we have another baby or when Stratton gets bigger. I would also like to get a dog some day and this house is just too small to have a dog and a kid in at the same time.  So for just the heck of it here is what I would want in a dream home.

My dream home has a huge front porch so I can sit out at night and rock while I listen to the radio 
with Derek next to me when we get old. It also has a huge front yard with a LONG driveway to get to it.
I want a two story house with a finished basement.
I want my family room very open with lots of windows and a fireplace.
I want not only a nice kitchen but a nice dining room as well. 
I would love to have enough space for my entire family to be able to come and have holidays at our house.
I love kitchen with big islands. I feel like the kitchen is the most inviting part of a home next to the family room.
For Derek I would like for him to have a man cave in the basement. 
He would love if he could have a bar in the basement.
I would like our basement to be a game area so that Stratton and Derek can hang out 
down there while I can have my upstairs for doing my own girly stuff. I would also like a 
fireplace in the basement so that it wouldn't be so cold in the winter.
My master bathroom has to be big. I would love to have a huge bathtub and a walk in shower so 
Derek can take a shower and what not while I take a bath. I love taking baths. I would also like a big
vanity so I can do my make up and hair while Derek brushes his teeth. I would also like for my
closet to be connected to the bathroom.
The only think I ask of my bedroom is that there is a fireplace AND a California King sized bed.
Since we only have one kiddo right now I can only think of one room for Stratton. 
I want his room to be very open and I would like for him to be able to have friends over to spend the night.
I would also like to have another room for the next baby as well as two guest rooms so family/friends can stay there too.
The last thing on my list is a horse barn and a pasture to ride and keep them in.I want lots of land to be able to ride horses and 4 wheelers on with a pasture for cows. I would also like a chicken coop for fresh eggs.

I don't think that's too much to ask for. Okay God...anytime now.