Saturday, February 7, 2009

St Louis For the 1st Time

This was Stratton's first road trip today. We went with Grandma Kathie up to St Louis for a day of fun! The weather was just perfect today. It was nice and cool out...just not too cool though. Here is Startton and I in front on the arch getting ready to go in.

I remember this grizzly bear here from when I was little so I had to get a picture with it with Stratton too. While we were standing in line waiting to go up to the top we were asked by one of the people that worked there if we wanted to get up in line further. We said sure why not and moved up to the next group of people going up. The only catch was that we had to ride in separate cars. I got in with a family of four that had two younger boys and a mom and dad. The mom was super claustrophobic which was ok but she asked if it was ok if she could talk to Stratton on the way up so she would stay distracted. She sat and talked to him and he just talked right back as well as he could for being 4 months old. Haha.
Here is the Missouri side of the arch. Stratton really liked looking out the window.

The tall skinny building in the background is where Derek and I took our honeymoon. The millennium hotel. We even ate dinner in the revolving restaurant at the very top. Here is a great picture of Stratton and Busch Stadium in the background. I love how he just watched out the window. Another of Stratton and the St Louis skyline.

This is the Illinois side. He didn't seem to enjoy this side as much. I think it wasn't busy enough for him.
Another of the Illinois side. He loved looking ALLLLL the way down 630 feet to the ground.

Grandma Kathie, Me, and Stratton in our one group shot we got for the day.
Feeding the baby at the very top of the arch. Haha. What photo ops.
Back on ground after we came from the top. The sky looked purple when we came out.
This is what Startton sees when he looks up at me. haha.
Hard Rock Cafe!! It was very delicious. Grandma Kathie and I got really gigantic hamburgers.