Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dr. I'm never going back to him M.D.

Most people don't know this but the first time I had ever gone to and O.B. was when I found out I was pregnant. My first Dr's apt was with a local Dr which will remain un-named. Being my first time I really wanted someone there with me. So I took Derek. It was his baby too. We showed up for our appointment at 8 o'clock. The nurse called my name and the two of us went back into the back where they did the usual. Took my blood pressure, weighed me, and took a urine sample. We were guided to the back were I had to strip down and get into the AWESOME robes. I sat down on the cold paper covered table and Derek sat to the left of me in the chair. The Dr (that is still going to stay un-named) came in and felt around on my stomach and them proceeded to have me scoot down in the stirrups. I'd never done this before so of course I scooted a little and put my feet in the holders and my knees went together like any other girls would have on their first visit. This didn't make him happy and he roared at me to scoot down more and open my knees up. I did what he said when all of a sudden he got up and went and got a nurse. AHH! I don't know you! He did what he had to do and didn't inform me of anything that he was doing. I was scared and felt a little violated when he said "ok, you're all done." I raised back up to the sitting position and he sat and took a few notes on his paper. I spoke up and tried to ask him a question and he snapped at me to hold on a second. (well excuse me!) He asked if I was planning on breast feeding and I told him I was. He then got up. Pulled my gown down and tugged on my nipples informing me that I needed to "toughen them up." I looked at Derek with a what the hell just happened kind of look and he just shrugged his shoulders. As the appointment went on Dr. (you fill in the blank) would address things to me but spoke and looked directly at Derek the whole time like I wasn't smart enough to understand what he was saying. Finally, I was done. I put my clothes on and asked the girl at the desk if there was any way I could get a different Dr. I changed immediately and am very happy with my decision. I'm now going to Dr. Morton and he is GREAT! I highly recommend him.

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