Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beggs Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend my dad, Stratton, and I went to Beggs to pick pumpkins! We has such a blast. It was beautiful weather out there and Stratton had SO much fun getting to do all the different activities. For $10/person it was well worth it. We didn't get anything but a few drinks because we were there for so long but man it was such a good time.

The huge chair right inside the door is definitely a must do as far as picture opportunities.
This is looking up into the gigantic slide that they have there. It's actually REALLY fun to go down it!
 My dad the jackass...I mean...donkey.
 These things were so cool! They were for duck races. You pump the well pump and it makes the little ducks float across to the other side. Pretty nifty.
 Next up was the piggy races. it's a little hard to see but it was kind of cute to watch the little pigs run as fast as they could around the track.
 Stratton is turning into such a big boy. He was wearing his Grandpa Calvin's hat because the sun was in his eyes.
 This big thing was called a blob hopper I think. I could be making that up. But it was basically a huge jumpy thing that was surrounded by sand. Not the best idea for the padding around it but I guess it works. Stratton loved it.
 There were lots of tires to play in and on and Stratton of course liked to crawl through all of them.
  The sand pits were a huge hit with him too. He loved digging in the sand.
 I took this picture for my friend Sarah who lives in Washington state and has her own chickens. I thought these were super cute.
 I just love how he sticks his little tongue out.
 Stratton was too occupied to look up for the picture.
 Ok so I kind of got a smile out of him even though he looks drunk.
 ok there we go. A good picture of him smiling!
 Next up with the animal train that was pulled by a 4 wheeler. I of course had to ride with him. Yes, I looked like a dork and yes I fit. BUT no, I didn't mind riding with him either because it was actually pretty fun.
 Stratton kept telling me that he was riding in the cow and I was riding in the horse.
 He was having SO much fun on this thing.
 Stratton in his cow.

 Me in my horse. Giddy UP!!!
 These things were SO cool! I really want to get a few of them for the parking lot behind our house. You sit on them and then wiggle the front part of it. It can be a completely flat surface but you actually move! It's so cool!
 Stratton liked it once he figured out how to do it.

 The tire horse he didn't so much care for.
 But he loved the tether ball!
 We played for a good 10 minuets.
 Then it was off to go pick pumpkins.  He told me this one was dead. :(
 He found a "cute little pumpkin" as he kept calling it.
 It was definitely HIS pumpkin. He loved his pumpkin.
 The we found the old wooden car and tractor and had to drive that for a little while.
 Oh, we had to get a soda to drink too.
 Our favorite thing again! The Piggy Races!!!

 Go piggy GO!!

More soda. Let it be known I don't usually let him have soda but since Grandpa was there he got it.
 Stratton got chose to stand up next to the numbers that represented a piggy. If his piggy won he got a prize.
His piggy won!
 He was so excited the the pink number 4 piggy won!
 He waited so patiently while the man gave the other kids their prizes.
 There they go again!
 More soda.
 He did karate while he waited.
 This was the piggy race announcer.
Then we played in the corn crib
 This was actually pretty cool.
 Some great texture shots for anyone who needs a corn background.
 Someone even put their little baby in the corn.
Overall we had such a great trip and I really glad my dad got to go with us. We will definitely be going back next year. Hope you all are enjoying this lovely fall weather!