Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Picture Dump - Easter Weekend

Friday Derek, Stratton and I decided to go to the park for a walk since the weather outside was SO beautiful! Stratton is starting to like to walk a lot more lately which is really fun. We go to the park and walk around the pond a few times and then we play on the jungle gym.
 He had to say hi to everyone that we passed on the trail.
Minnie also accompanied us to the park. Heaven forbid we leave the house without Minnie.  
 He would put her on the slide next to him and race her to the bottom.
 Poor Minnie. She looks like she's having a rough day.
 It was a big deal for Stratton to go up the ladder all by himself.
 Even daddy played on the slides with him.
 So much fun!
 He couldn't carry Minnie and climb at the same time so he would throw her up onto the platform. It was hilarious watching him toss her around. haha.
 Peek a boo!
 Dad and Stratton wrestling over Minnie.
 Stratton also liked to tackle Minnie.
 I love this picture.
 Me and my little man!
 He was NOT happy to be leaving.

Saturday we met up with Garrett, Stephanie, Payne and Mona to find Easter eggs at Montgomery Bank in Cape. Stratton was SO ready to go find some eggs!
 We had a little bit of a wait so Stratton decorated a frog mask.
 Once it was time to line up, Stratton was dying to grab the eggs. There was one so close that he kept tapping it with his foot.
 Look at all the eggs!
 Look at all the kids!
 Payne was in the group before Stratton because he was younger than Strat so he went before we did.
 It was seriously killing Stratton that the eggs were that close.
 Don't you just love his comb over?
 My nephew Payne sitting all by his lonesome checking out his eggs.
 Grandma Mona came over to cheer Stratton on and give him a pep talk.
 Come on!
 Payne all finished finding his eggs.
 Go Stratton Go!!!
 Look at all the eggs I found!
 He even got a free ice cream token to Burger King!
 Grandma Mona had to come check out all the goodies too.
 Payne was so proud of his ice cream token for Burger King too.
 Family Photo!
 He loves his mommy :)
Saturday afternoon we went down to the river after we at a Paglias Pizza with my family. Great Auntie Pam came home for Easter! This was looking through one of the binoculars down at the river.
 I love that the trees are blooming. They're so pretty.
 Stratton LOVES running down by the river.
 The lighting on this turned out really neat.
A man and his thoughts. 
 Stratton also discovered dandy lions.
 Although he wasn't very good at blowing all the fuzzies off of them.
 So he used his hands.
 One more try.
 Great Auntie Pam had so much fun playing with Stratton
 Stratton was playing "pow pows"
 Easter Sunday was FULL of family time.
 Groucho kept stealing the eggs that I was trying to fill up that morning.
 Stratton was still half asleep when he was opening his Easter Basket.
 Groucho though it was pretty cool too.
 I think it was a little too early for him to really be excited about what was in his basket.
 He perked up once he saw all the eggs outside though.
 Derek forgot to mow the lawn so it was really kind of hard to find the eggs unless they were on the shorter spots of grass.
 He loves his Easter Eggs filled with candy.
 Groucho liked the eggs too.
Seriously the cat kept stealing eggs out of Strattons basket.
 After we found all the eggs at our house it was time to go eat lunch at Aunt Cristy's house.
Stratton had a really good time helping me put my makeup on.
 He is a born artist. :)
 The sponge is his favorite.
 Once we got to Aunt Cristys house we found LOTS of eggs.
 Daddy helped him a lot to find all the hard to reach ones.
 Payne found a few and was good. He is such a loner child :)
 Stratton kept freaking out over the bugs that were on the wall.
 My niece Cobie had such a good time finding all her eggs.
 All the kids were having such a good time.
Izzy looked so pretty in her Easter dress. 
 Stratton looked like a man on a mission.
 There are always SO many people at our family functions.
Payne wanted to carry his eggs.
 Isn't he the cutest?
 Josh helped Cobie get to the eggs hiden up high.
 Like this one.
 Izzy and her egg wagon.
 Getting all the kids together to take a picture was like trying to heard cats.
 We finally just gave up.
Izzy lovesa her candy.
 Cobie does too.
 Man still on a mission.
 These three are going to be trouble in the future.
 I love this picture.
 Payne didn't want his picture taken.
 She is such a cutie!
 Stratton and Dean were playing with the bubble gun.
 Stratton LOVED his bubble gun. It was a gun. What do you expect.
 My big boy. He looks so old in this picture.
 He loves watching his shadow.
 His shadow fascinates him.
 It's almost like he is playing with his shadow.
 Grandma Marges house was up next. Stratton got to once again find MORE Easter eggs hidden in the back yard.
 The girls helped him out a lot.
 Stratton loves Mady :)
 The the kiddos finding eggs.
 Auntie Pam even helped.
 All the Great Grandkids of Grandma Marge and John

 They found the tubes out of wrapping paper and had a sword fight.
 Grandma B and John.
 All the women in the kitchen. Typical. ;)
 These are tiny cakes with all the Great Grandkids names on them. Too cute.
 Grandma Marge's sugar cookies. Oh my goodness!
 They are to DIE for!
 Carrot cake. Duh!
 Aunt Casey bought those little capsules with foam creatures in them for Stratton.
 Sorry mom I had to. :) Isn't this picture great?
 The kids played with those sponge capsules for at least 30 min.
 Cell phones were the main source of entertainment as the evening progressed.
 Stratton and Anna loved playing.
 All the great-grandkids again.
 The one good family picture I got with all the grandkids and great grandkids Stratton looks like a big ol turd. Haha. Oh well.
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!