Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Dinners

Sunday was definitely a big day for all of us. Stratton and I had a jam packed day with going to the park, Le Bounce, and Derek and my step Grandpa John's birthday party. We ate dinner and got to chit chat while we ate. Grandma made chicken and noodles with candied carrots, peas, and cranberry sauce. It was SO good. I love grandma Marge's cooking. She's the best. Here are a few pictures of the birthday party. Sorry grandma if you read this but Derek really turned 24 this year. But it's ok because he didn't mind being 23 again.


Thought this was a cute pic so I would like to share it.

Walking To The Park

Before we went to Le Bounce on Sunday I decided to take Stratton to the park because it was SO nice outside. I had to let Casey and Marcus's dog Sage outside along with their friends dog Semore. He's a big ol char pay (sp?) He's so stinking cute. We walked from Casey and Marcus's house to the park and it was a really nice walk. Stratton had me carry him most of the time. Hey at least I got a little bit of exercise. I took a few pictures on the way there and while he played. My dad joined us at the park for a little bit then gave us a ride back to my car. It was so nice to get out in the sunshine since it has been so cold and nasty this week. Here are a few pictures from the walk to the park. 

Le Bounce!!!

This last Sunday (2/20) I took Stratton to the new play place in Cape. It's called Le Bounce. It is right next to the Apple Bee's in the old Rust & Martin building. I took Stratton by myself and Derek met us there later. It was seriously SO much fun! Not only did Stratton have a blast but I did too! It was more fun than I have had in a long time. I felt like such a kid again. We jumped, crawled through tunnels, climbed over ramps, slid down slides...the works. It was fun getting to see Stratton come out of his shell and really try hard to keep up with the bigger kids. I got a few pictures but it was hard to take any because the lighting was pretty crappy and Stratton was non stop! If you have kids and live close by you should definitely take them to Le Bounce. It's well worth the $8 to get to play and run around. Best of all your kid is POOPED after they get done and crash as soon as they get home.