Monday, September 8, 2008

Moved In!!!

Saturday was the first night that Derek and I stayed the night in our new house. It felt so good to be in our own house and be able to sleep in our own bed. We had so much help moving stuff in and putting stuff away. First thing Saturday Mona and Bill helped Derek move boxes onto the truck. Then slowly but surely our friends and family came over to help. My friend Lauren came over first, her boyfriend and their friend from Australia named Jeff arrived just behind her. Dale, Lisa, Garrett, Marcus, Chris (Derek's co-worker) also showed up there shortly after to help. Every little bit helped since I couldn't do much of anything. They all loaded up the box truck that Derek borrowed from work and Lauren and I loaded up my little car with about as much as it could hold. Which was mostly baby stuff and stuff from our bedroom.

After all of the big stuff was loaded we headed for the NEW HOUSE! Our neighboring house is still on the market to be sold so we pulled the box truck in the driveway and unloaded everything into the back of the house which happens to have a sliding door. So everything went in pretty easy. Except, sadly, the big brown leather couch. Derek and the guys tried everything to get the couch in but it just wouldn't budge.

While the boys unloaded everything Lauren and I went with Lisa to Seimers. Derek and I had to buy a new washer and dryer. Lisa and Dale were nice enough to give us Mady and Erik's old dryer so all we had to do is get the dryer which saved us so much better.

After we got the washer and dryer Lauren and I scooted over to Cape to Casey's house and went to her Spa party and had a Beauty Control Party. I didn't much participate because my feet were swollen up to about 2 or 3 times their size. They looked pretty bad. Leslie the lady that does the spa parties rubbed my feet and it felt SO good. Not to mention it made the swelling go down a little bit.

After all of that Lauren and I picked up lunch and went back to the house where Derek, Alex and Jeff were "working." Which is kind of funny. When Lauren and I were walking up to the house I heard one of them say, "Their home. Look busy." So, yes, we caught on to them and no they didn't get away with it. It didn't help that the couch and chair was still warm from where they were sitting. Haha. Dumbies.

That night my mom, dad, sis, and Marcus came over and helped us put everything away while Derek, Alex, and Jeff went to Stooges (a little bar and grill) to go eat. After they got done eating they went bowling and had a few beers. While all of this is going on my mom (God bless her) picked up and straightened our ENTIRE house. I owe her BIG TIME!

Our deck is getting finished as well this Tuesday. They took out the old railing and the planter that was full of trash and now we have a regulation handrail. The only thing that is left is the steps that go from the bottom level to the top level. The guys that are doing our deck are also going to take these two nasty burn barrels out of the backyard AND take all the pieces from the plaything and haul them away. Those guys are the best! If you need anywork done call them. It's the Gabrial Brother. If you want a number call me or Derek and we can get it to you. They really are AWESOME!

Yesterday was a pretty un-eventful day. Lauren came over around 9:30 and woke Derek and I up. Her boyfriend Alex and Jeff (the Australian guy) came and picked up Derek and the three boys went to St. Louis for the day and watched a Cardinals game.

Lauren and I slept until about noon then woke up and took showers and went to Grandpa Bill and Grandma Mona's house and got some more clothes and a few more boxes that we didn't get the other day.

After we got done unloading the truck at the new house the boys were pretty much almost home. We had dinner at Alex's parents house and had hamburgers and fresh vegetables from the garden. MMMmmmmm. Derek pigged out to some of Alex's mom's homemade salsa so she sent us home with a jar full.

So, two nights down at the house and it's still sinking in that it's OUR house. I woke up this morning thinking "where the heck am I?"

Everyone is welcome to stop by and see the new house. Call me for directions. It's really easy to get to.

Thank you to everyone that helped out though this whole experience. Without you all we could not have done this. Thank you SO SO SO much!