Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just A Note

Well, my first doctors visit was rescheduled. I was SO nervous about getting my blood drawn on Monday I almost made myself sick. We had a bad storm roll in right around the time I was supposed to leave for my apt so I wound up calling and getting the apt moved back. Unfortunately, the only day they have that works with my schedule is July 10th! I called the nurse practitioner to make sure that was ok and make sure there wasn't anything else I needed to do between then and now. Her answer made me laugh, "no illicit drugs or alcohol." I think I can handle that. Haha.

Summer school started on Monday and I have NOT gotten back into the swing of doing school work again. I've left my planner at home the last two days and I absolutely feel LOST! That planner is seriously my entire life all rolled up into one book.

I'm kind of sad that I haven't found a good pregnancy journal like I had with Stratton. I got one but I'm just really not a fan of it. It's not fun at all like the one I had with Stratton. I'll most likely find the same one and order it online. That would be neat to have the same book for both babies.

Speaking of baby...Derek and I...well mostly I... have been throwing around names for baby bean (as my friend Caprice has been calling it). The boy name that I kind have like is Foster. The girl name I kind of like is Abby. I'm not for sure that we are 100% going to stick to these names but it's definitely a start. I have been going over SO many names trying to think of ones that I like. I love the name Sloan but my friend Emily just named her little girl that and I don't want to take that name from her. So, we are going to throw some names around more in the next month or two and get serious about picking out a name around the time we find out what this little one is.

Other than that, we haven't really been doing a whole lot lately. Derek and I have been watching lots of movies at night and spending some quality time with Stratton. It's really weird to think that in 7 months I'm going to have to share my attention, love, affection, and life with another little one. It is still a little surreal to me. I got sad the other day because of something I've said to Stratton ever since he was little. I always always always tell him that he is my favorite. The first time I said it to him he thought I was saying that he was food. Haha. I realized that I can't say that anymore after this little one gets here. I really hope that we have a girl so I can keep saying it to him but just change it up a little bit and say "you're my favorite little boy" or "you're my favorite Stratton." I'll come up with something.  

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good week. I know this weather has been absolutely beautiful lately so I think we are going to have a date with Jackson Park tonight.