Friday, August 8, 2008

First Baby Shower and Grandma's 75th B-Day

So my first baby shower for Stratton and I was great! We had so much fun. We even made onsies. I'll put pics up as soon as I get some from Brenda. My cousins Eric and Allen even made a onsie. They turned out so cute. Each one is so different but SO cute. Thank you to everyone who helped out with it.

Grandma's B-Day party turned out so great. I didn't really know most of the people who were there but it was still really good to have all the family in one place. My cousin Beth and her husband Steve and their two girls Mady and Anna were there. My cousins Eric and Allen were there along with Eric's girlfriend Merideth. Of couse Casey and I were there also. That was the first time all 7 grandchildren and great-grandchildren were in one place at the same time in 7 years. Casey and my Auntie Pam tried making my grandma's famous Angel Food Cake but failed. It went flat. Haha. But it was the thought that counts right?

I'll put some pictures from both on here as soon as I get some.