Monday, July 25, 2011

Windy Roads are a NO GO

So, last weekend, as some of you may have known, Derek was in Nashville doing a show for work. Stratton and I had the house to ourselves! Which was AWESOME! I love getting to spend the extra time with him. Anywho, our friends Teresa, Todd and Kelly decided it was too nice out to be inside so we planned a trip to go to Castor River to swim for the day. Great I thought. I packed: a cooler with drinks (capri sun and water), snacks (string cheese and lunchables), Stratton's life jacket, extra clothes, towels, my GPS, my phone, my camera, and even some extra snacks to munch on the river. We met Teresa, Todd and Kelly at the Gordonville Grill and we were off. I drove separately because it's just easier with Stratton still being in a car seat. Stratton had my phone in the backseat with him like usual and then we started getting out on those country roads. You know the roads I'm talking about. The zig zaggy, up and down, windy roads that inevitably make even the most settled stomach turn upside down. Dumb me didn't even think about that fact on the way there. I thought I had everything so well planned out. It was supposed to be SO smooth and such a fun day. Boy was I wrong. We got about 20 min out and I noticed Stratton look up from my phone with this panicked look on his face. I quickly grabbed my phone and slowed down. was too late. Right after I grabbed my phone, frosted mini wheats spewed from Stratton and all over his Minnie, down the front of him, all inside the car seat hardware, and all down his poor little chin. It was EVERYWHERE. I felt so bad. I kept telling him it was ok and that I would stop as soon as I could. Which wasn't until like 10 min later when I could finally get enough service to call Teresa and tell them to pull over. As soon as we stopped poor Stratton was so embarrassed. Teresa and Kelly came over to asses the situation and Stratton wouldn't even look at either one of them until he was all cleaned up. Once we got everything wiped off and thrown in the trunk we were off again. We only made it about 5 more minuets before Stratton started crying and saying that he needed to "choke" again. (I'm not sure why he called it choking, I guess because that's what he thought it felt like) This broke my heart so I pulled over and told them to go on without us. He was so scared and I'm sure still didn't feel great about throwing up from earlie. I wound up turning around and taking the road back VERY slowly. Even then he still had me stop every 5 minuets or so so his stomach could settle.

So, next time we know to remember 2 things.

1. make sure Stratton isn't playing on my phone on windy roads that will inevitably make him throw up
2. make sure we load him up on Dramamine before we leave so he gets knocked out and doesn't get sick

Monday Confessions

I confess I didn't do any cleaning this, I am going to start on day 13 of 31 Days to Clean today.

I confess I took Friday off to spend the day with my little man. I really needed a good day with Stratton. He had such a great time.

I confess I chipped off the paint on my middle toe so I painted it a different color and went to work this morning. I didn't feel like taking off ALL of my toenail paint.

I confess after I read a book and finish it completely I mope around for a few hours because I really didn't want it to end.

I confess it was really nice to have Derek gone for a few days but it was even nicer when he came home.

I confess I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL FALL!!! I don't think I can emphasize that enough. I love fall and I'm getting so excited that it's right around the corner. I can't wait to start decorating my house for all the holidays!!!

I confess I have already started planning for Stratton's birthday party and it's not until early October.

I confess I dyed my hair Saturday night, hated it because it turned my ends black and the top brown, woke up Sunday morning, went and got it "fixed" (the girl was seriously an idiot and didn't listen to a word I said. Cut 4" off of my hair that I'm trying to grow out. Put platinum blond highlights in my hair after I told her I wanted it to be stripped and dyed with a lighter color. It looked like a had zebra hair.) So, I went home and dyed the high lights. I want to cry at this point. I'm having it stripped tomorrow to a lighter color thank the Lord. This black color does not suit me well. I hope my hair doesn't feel like straw when I'm done.

I confess that was my first and only rant for the day. I'm done now. :)

I confess I have a little something something up my sleeve once I finally get this 31 Days to Clean finished.