Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Pictures

Stratton's Boston Red Sox birthday cake.

Stratton's baseball cake that he was supposed to dig into. He didn't really like the sticky icing.

Stratton's favorite present of the day...goldfish. Of course.

This is the stuffed animal that Laura House (Marcus's mom) made for Stratton. That when she sees it next is going to be dirty and gross and loved on. Because that's the way she wants it to be.

This is the leather jacket that Brenda and Jim (Derek's mom and Step dad) got for Stratton. It's adorable!

Steph and I blowing out our birthday candles. It took us a few tries to get them all out. Haha.

Stratton getting some birthday cake with Grandma Kathie. Finally.

The sister-in-laws sitting out in the cold. Watching Stratton play on his train!

This is the gigantic praying mantis that Alexis (Jessie and Daniel's little girl) found outside Dale and Lisa's house. It was SO pretty but really big.

Ashley Hoskins Photography

Here are the pictures that Ashley Hoskins (Derek's cousin from Knoxville) took of Stratton. They are so great. I love them!

Here's her website. Please check out her work. She's great.