Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday Confessions

Holy Moley! It has been far too long since I have done some confessing.

Good thing I'm not Catholic! I have been so busy, which I have said like the last three posts. But, I finally am going to start taking a little time to stop and smell the keyboard. Haha. You can't really smell roses from your computer can you? Anywho, I have had some really progressive weeks the last few weeks. I have cleaned my house, gotten laundry done, worked on TONS of homework. Took a test up at school. Got results for my foundation review. Oh, and started trying for baby number 2! :)

Yes, you read right. Derek and I are officially trying to have another baby. I know it seems like awful timing with as busy as I am but I have had these stings being pulled from someone up above about having another baby and so I'm putting my faith in God and letting him take control. I got off my birth control and I'm leaving it up to the big man up and Derek. Haha he has to help too. This is really exciting for me because the first time around I didn't get to be excited about trying to conceive and when I found out I was pregnant I had tears of dread instead of tears of joy. Stratton was a "surprise" to put it nicely. So this time around, hopefully, everyone will be just as excited about it as I am. That being said, I know not everyone is going to think it's a good idea or that we are ready as a family but...I am...Derek is...and I'm putting it in Gods hands, so if you would like to take it up with anyone, you can take it to the man upstairs.

School has been going pretty smooth lately. I got an e-mail yesterday telling me that I passed my Foundation Review! Woop woop! Can I get an Amen?! Seriously it was such a weight off my shoulders to finally read. "Congratulations Emily Williams, Graphic Art BFA. We are pleased to inform you that you have passed your Foundation Review with a score of 3.0." Seriously! A 3.0!! Getting a 3.0 on your Foundation Review for me was huge! Now generally a foundation review is taken after your Freshman or Sophomore year of college not your Senior year. Haha. I have been in school officially for 7 years! Seven. I'm 70% of the way done. The hard classes start now. Well, the hard to go to classes start now. Studio classes are the reason I have not graduated yet. They are at horrible hours of the day (i.e. 11:30-2:10)  How hard is it to move something back a few hours so a working mom can actually go to school for her BFDA?! Sheesh!

I guess now it's time for me to confess. Here goes!

- I confess I already feel like I'm pregnant because of all the water I've been drinking lately. I have to pee at least 5 times within an 8 hour period. That may not seem like a lot for some of you out there but for me that is a TON! I usually only pee like once in an 8 hour period. I have a big bladder.

-I confess this weather has been kicking my butt! Well,I guess it's not the weather but the pollen count. My eyes have been so goopy and runny that I haven't been able to wear makeup in the last two weeks for more than a few hours. I wind up wiping it all off because of my eyes and nose dripping constantly.

-I confess I was pretty spectacle about the sock bun. But now I'm a believer!
-I confess all though I love the sock bun...I have to use of one Strattons socks because my hair is too fine and too short for a real sock.

-I confess I have really been dying to do some makeup tutorials but I just haven't wanted to waste makeup on a tutorial and have to take it right back off. I'm planning some for the future though. I promise I will have something up SOON!

-I confess I have been eating peanut butter like a feign! I will literally take a spoon full and eat it plain. It's delicious. I've been eating the Skippy Natural Peanut Butter Spread with Honey. It's SO good.

-I confess I am ready for the weekend! It's been super nice outside and I have been wanting to go on a bike ride! I'm going to my parents house and stealing a bike so I can go for a ride.