Thursday, July 18, 2013

Oswald and Dilly Bars at the Park

My sister and her fiance Marcus have the sweetest dog you could ever meet. (Apart from Zoe of course.) Oswald is such a funny dog. He's a big goof ball to say the least.
 Casey and Marcus were packing to leave on their trip the other day and Oswald just didn't know what to do with himself. I was checking off items from Casey's list while Casey was grabbing random items. Oswald decided he was human and sat next to me on the stairs.
 He kept trying to find just the right position to sit comfortably. He just couldn't quite get it right. 
 Look at how cute that is!

   Such a pretty puppy.
 He did not want to leave the stairs but he was starting to get tired so this was the next position that he decided to try out.

 He even had his knee up on the step to hold himself up. Hah.
 Look at that face.

The other day I actually put some makeup on and decided to send Derek and pretty picture of myself. I thought it turned out kind of neat. 

Yesterday Stratton, Mom, Aunty Pam, Grandma Marge, John and I all went to the Cape Municipal Band concert. They were handing out Dilly Bars! Score! 
 Oswald joined us of course. He wined so much because he wanted to go say hi to the other puppies in the park.
 Stratton loves his Aunty Pam. She always tells him "huggy huggy kiss kiss"
 I love that big ol smile of his. He makes the best chessy face. Strat was getting so mad because his dilly bar kept melting and dripping on his pants.  
 Oswald just had to make his rounds and give everyone kisses...including me.
 My mom and I inhaled out Dilly Bars. You can't tell we like ice cream at all can you?
 Oh Oswald.
The theme for the music was Christmas music. There was also a steel drum band that played. It was so neat to hear all the different kinds of music.