Monday, February 13, 2012

A Complete Waste of Makeup Link Up

Ok, So I'm linking up with "A Complete Waste of Makeup" today so I can get my blog out there to a few more readers. Not that I don't LOVE everyone that reads my blogs daily. I would love to hear some more ideas from more people. So here I am...linking up.

So, I started blogging when I found out I was pregnant. I blogged to remember everything that had happened in the time from when I found out I was pregnant to my whirlwind wedding and then more while I was pregnant. It started out being something fun to do so I could write down my thoughts, it's now evolved into keeping me sane by letting me talk about everything, share pictures, share ideas, and meet awesome new people. 

My blog now has structure and I hope to keep posting daily(ish) about given topics. (Made Up Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Does It Work Wednesday, Thrift Thursday & Friday Confessions). I want to help people with not only their day to day life but I want to help with makeup tips and beauty secrets. Not to mention post pictures for all my family members that don't live close by.

If you don't know much about me and you are reading this as your very first Glitter & Ink post...well you are in for a treat. I'm 25 years old. Mommy to a 3 year old little guy named Stratton that I absolutely adore. My husband is a tattooed teddy bear. I also have a hairless cat named Groucho. He is my little snuggle buddy. I don't like to sugar coat things. I like to tell it like it is. I'm from a small town but I don't live like a small town girl. At least I don't think I do. If you want to read more about me you can read some more here.    
I work as a Graphic Artist at a cable company. Not like Charter or DirectTV but like music cables. It's a fun job and I enjoy making art for a living. I work with my family...well my husbands family. My husband works as a sales rep as well as my brother-in-law Garrett. My other brother-in-law Josh is my boss. My mother-in-law and father-in-law also work here as presidents of the company. 
I live in Jackson, Missouri. It's a small town, but I love it. I grew up one town over in Cape Girardeau but moved here when Derek and I started dating. I like that we live in a smaller town. The traffic is never bad, it's always quiet, and you can actually see the stars at night but, you it only takes 10 min to get to WalMart from my house. Which is nice. 

I love Geocaching. It's kind of a dorky past time but it's so much fun....for me at least. If you don't know what Geocaching is you should look it up. It's a great way to get out of the house and explore places you wouldn't normally go. I also LOVE designing for my friends blogs. If you or anyone you know is wanting a blog make over let me know. I would LOVE to make some new pretty blogs!

Monday Confessions

Last week was crazy on Thursday and Friday. I apologize. I had a big assignment due on Friday and it pretty well consumed my week. Not to mention I screwed up my blog the other day and had to completely redo the whole thing in like 2 hours. Bleh! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. I'll share with you on the next post. As I seemed to have forgot to do my Friday confessions, here they are now.

I confess I love watching cartoons. I watch them even when Stratton isn't around. It's my guilty pleasure.

I confess I love watching my strange addiction too. It grosses me out and amazes me all at the same time.

I confess that next month I will doing another shopping fast. I really liked how I felt after I did the last shopping fast and I think it is really rewarding to see how much money you save when you don't buy the "stuff" you don't really need.

I confess I had such a great time this weekend helping the OTA raise money at the Trivia Night in St Louis this past weekend. I got to meet some really nice people and got to spend some quality time with my mom, dad, and Stratton.

I confess I have once again become addicted to The Sims. I got the free version on my phone and I love playing it. It's sad I know and Derek makes fun of me for playing it but I don't care. I love it.

I confess I got a new face wash from BareMinerals and I can't wait to share it with you!

I confess I watched the Grammy's last night and, for one, I loved Taylor Swifts performance. Secondly, as much as I hate to admit it, I thought Nicki Minaj's performance (although it was SUPER blasphemous) was kind of catchy...minus the whole priest/confession/exorcist theme.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Stay turned for a picture dump! 

Made Up Monday

So this is my first ever Made Up Monday! Are you all excited? I kinda am.
I have been more and more excited to try new makeup and new beauty products as I have aged. Haha aged. I like to look put together now a days. It's kind of nice to put your face on in the morning when you're not looking/feeling that hot and look somewhat ok when you're finished. I at least feel better once I get a fresh face on. There's a little bit of a reward when what you put on looks good with what you're wearing for the day.

Today I am wearing several different shades. I love experimenting with new colors and new ways to put on makeup. Here is today's look.
Gray: BareMinerals - Do No Disturb (from the Honeymoon Phase Duo) Gold: Sunset Blvd by KVD White: First Class by KVD Eyeliner: Sephora Liquid Liner Mascara: they're real! by Benefit
The finished look topped off with a nice shade of Kat Von D lipstick in Coral Castle
Sunset Blvd by Kat Von D

First Class by Kat Von D
Honeymoon Duo by BareMinerals Do Not Disturb Gray and Giddy Pink
The Gold is perfect with this smokey gray color. It's got bigger flecks  of gold in it so it makes your eyes really sparkle! I love it because...well I love glittery stuff. The key to making the gold go well with the gray is blending. Make sure you use a clean brush and blend away between the two shades.

The white sparkly color called First Class is the perfect high lighting color for ANY makeup. It's mostly white so it blends really nicely with any color without overpowering it.

 I love this look. It's really classy looking without being over the top. The thing I love about the Do Not Disturb gray color is that it has a little bit of a gold tint to it. Not to mention that it's gray not black. You can make a smokey eye without looking like you got punched.

I like to give myself a little bit of a cat eye when I wear the more bold eye shadows. The perfect way to do this is with a liquid liner. It's SO much easier to get that wispy line on the corners of your eyes. Practice makes perfect. If you're not very good at putting on liner, keep trying. It took me forever to get mine to look presentable.

Last is the mascara. I love this new mascara I got called They're Real! I did a whole post on them here if you would like to check it out. They really do give you some great lashes!

Hope you all like my first Made Up Monday. It isn't going to be just makeup talk here. I plan on doing some outfits, hair styles, nail polish and maybe even some vlogs on how to apply. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!