Monday, November 22, 2010

Then and Now

  Stratton 9 months   &   Stratton 2 years 1 month

I catcha moon

Dear Stratton,
Last night we were catching the moon. You and I were standing outside in the freezing cold and we were catching it. You even bragged to daddy last night that you caught it. You kept it in your tiny little hands all the way back from the store. You sat there with your hands cupped and kept telling me "mommy I catcha moon!" When you opened them to take a peek you opened them all the way and said "moon gone!" You were not happy when the moon got away. We got home and stood in the driveway and you caught the moon again. I lifted you up SO high. You cupped your little hands again and held onto it tight until we got inside. You went to show daddy the moon and it got away again so we went to the window to tell it bye bye. You stood at the window and said "bye bye moon!" and then you blew it a kiss. I guess tonight we will have to catch it again and try to keep it this time. Love you little man. 
♥ Mommy