Monday, October 10, 2011


So a few weekends ago Derek and I went to a concert for a band that he and I have liked for quite some time now. The band is called Down and they're from New Orleans, Louisiana. We saw them a few years ago when we first started dating. It was our second concert together that we had gone too. This time when they came back through we have an almost 3 year old, are married, and both had full time jobs. Quite a change from just a few years ago when they were here.

Anywho, this time round I got Derek and I the VIP tickets. Which were a little bit more expensive than if we just got the regular concert tickets but it was SO worth the extra money for the experience that we had.

Before the show started we got to watch them do sound check. Which was pretty much like a mini concert to get their sound equipment ready for the show. It was all of about 15-20 min. But it was pretty neat to watch them get ready for the show.

Jimmy Bowers drum set. It was his birthday a few days after the concert so everyone sang him happy birthday. It was pretty neat. 
Kirk Windstein coming in for sound check.
Kirk again with the new bass player Pat Bruders.
The one and only Philip H
Pepper Keenan and Kirk Windstein sound checking.
Phil and Pepper
Pepper got off stage and disappeared. Turned out he was standing RIGHT behind me. Haha. 
Phil again screaming his lungs out. I had to wear ear plugs while they did sound check. It was SO loud!

After the sound check we got to actually meet the band and get a picture with them. Derek and I kept laughing because they kept calling me sweet heart. Not to mention Phil laughed at Derek because they look so much alike. They look like twinkies.
Left to right: Phil Anselmo, Derek, Kirk Windstein, Pat Bruders, Pepper Keenan, Me and Jimmy Bower.
I didn't take any pictures during the show because they never come out and I was scared I was going to drop my phone off the balcony that we were sitting on. We met some really great people during the show and had such a great time. I cant wait to go to another one SOON!