Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 12 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 12: What You Believe

I believe...

that I'm a good person

I'll go to heaven when I die

my tattoos are beautiful along with the stretch 
marks I got while I was pregnant

that killing with kindness is better than talking trash

my heart knows better than my head at times

you should always give to those who aren't as fortunate
as you. You never know what could happen to you someday

that love and family should always come first

in the five ball method to living life 
(if you don't know what this is please ask me)

in miracles

you should never go to bed angry or upset with someone,
you never know what could happen to them overnight

God has a plan for me and my family

even though I don't  go to church every Sunday,
I still walk close with God

God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason
(listen twice as much as you talk)

God gave us Stratton so my family would be closer

you have to have a little rain to truly enjoy the sun

men should have the utmost respect for women

life is good as long as you live it to the fullest

More Geocaching!

We have been making a lot of trips to St Louis the last couple of weeks for this and that so I figured what better to do when you go somewhere new? FIND GEOCACHE!

09/26/2010 In the Neighborhood GC1Y3Z9

I didn't get a picture for this one. It was cold and rainy so I was happy just to find it and be able to get back in the car to where it was warm. I didn't even get Stratton out of the car for this one. We were on our way back from an OTA event. Stratton stayed in the car eating french fries from Steak and Shake and I looked. Fun. 

09/29/2010 River Despair Cache  GCVW4A
Grandma Kathie found this one. She did so good!

I got Derek's step-dad Jim to come help me look for a geocache down the street from his house.
It took us a good 45 min to find this one. It was up under a tree under a stump that was fake. 
This is by far my favorite find yet. It was SO cool!