Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hangin In The Hot Tub!

My friend Erica and her husband Jake asked me if I would like to hang out with them while they were home so I of course wanted to since they are only home once in a great while. They live out in San Diego, Cali and Jake is in the Navy so they don't come home very often. Erica is my mommy friend. She has a little boy named Tyler that was born on Thanksgiving last year. She has done the whole breastfeeding thing too and so she has been one of my big supporters to keep it up. I don't have many friends that have had kids or are even married so it's nice getting to vent to her about the trials and tribulations of marriage and parenthood. We of course NEVER talk bad about our husbands. *wink wink* Because they are perfect. *wink wink* Erica is also a tattooed mommy like I am. It's nice to have people that are just like you out there.

Anyway here are some pictures from the night I got to hang out with them. Enjoy!
We started the night out right with a classy glass (or couple of glasses) of wine. They are such a cute couple! Erica got Jakes name tattooed on her ring finger last night. It's so cute! Jake has a "Till Death Do Us Part" tattoo on his forearm for Erica too.
Getting ready to head downtown! Woo!Sitting in the Pour House having our vodka and cranberry juice. Mmmmm.

They just left last night and I already miss them both. Erica got to spend the summer with my preggers self. Her and Jake are trying for their second one now. She is coming home in April or May I think to spend another 6 months here in Jackson while Jake is on leave. I can't wait till she gets back! We can have fun mommy bonding time together.

Cousin Jon Took Pictures of Us!

Hello All! It's been a while since I have posted. Little sleep and a colicky baby will do that to ya.

These pics are a little old and are from Thanksgiving but they are so good and so worth putting up here. He has them on their family blog also.

Sorry to all that keep up with our hectic about not putting any posts up in a while. It has been quite a busy holiday season with Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Jim coming down from Chicago to see the little guy who is almost 3 months old now!

We had a great Christmas with all the different family members and enjoyed all the new and wonderful gifts that everyone gave to us.

I will put pictures from Christmas up as soon as I can get Derek off his X-Box that he got for Christmas. He uses the Internet to play his games. :(

Any who, here are the pictures that Jon Betz took from Thanksgiving.
I love this picture of Stratton. He has changed so much in the last month!

Little Man really likes to smile....when he's not screaming!
This little cutie is Natalie. My cousin Jon's little girl. She is the sweetest little thing. She looks like a Cupie (not sure how you spell it) Doll with her little Mohawk. Aunt C was holdin her little nephew. Stratton looks so peaceful in this pic. Too bad he doesn't take a pacifier anymore. :( Yes, we are sisters. We just don't look anything alike. She's such a good sis though. She's a good aunt poppy too! (paparazzi) :)

Natalie is such a good little model. She knows exactly where to look and how to smile for the camera too. What a good baby.

My mom and Casey and cheesing SO bad. I still love them though. I guess... :)