Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's Been A While

 Since the last time I posted anything a lot has changed. I have many pictures to post and much to talk about.

It has officially become winter with this last storm that rolled through. Of course we didn't get off work but we had some really great sledding last night. I nearly killed myself but it was totally worth it.
Here is the driveway and our vehicles covered in a lot of show. 
Oh and I would like to give a special thanks to MODOT for plowing over our mailbox by the way.
Also a real thank you goes out to my mom who came over and not only helped us clean our house but shoveled our driveway so we could get out. 

This is looking out our back porch. Our poor patio furniture.
I love that we got so much snow.
We tried getting Stratton out in it yesterday but as soon as we got everything on him he started crying and wanted to go back inside. I think it was a little too much all at once. It was bright and cold and he just woke up so I'm guessing those three things all mixed into one was not a good combination for a 15 month old. 

Stratton has recently been picking up on the skills that he inherited from his mommy and has taken up coloring. I went out and got a set of crayons for the bath tub and also a set of regular crayons. He really enjoys listening to music and coloring. 

He was dancing to the music. He thought that it was so cool that he could be like daddy and wear the headphones.
This is Stratton's first masterpiece that he did in the bathtub. Isn't it beautiful?

I love his hair.

So for Christmas, Derek, Garrett, Steph, and I got St Louis Blues tickets. What we didn't realize that they were AWESOME seats. We were the third row up right smack dab in the middle. We were in between the two benches and could see EVERYTHING. I could see Janssen smacking his gum and getting it all over his face and I could see Oshie's sweat dripping off his long hair. It was amazing. Thank you SO much Jimmy and Shana for the wonder Christmas present.  
The lady in the blue hoodie in front of us got smacked by a puck. It was pretty amazing.
The game ended in a shootout and we unfortunately lost. 

Casey and Marcus LOVE their nephew. They love him so much that when he goes to their house he has his own tent. Unfortunately this tent is electrically charged and this is what happens to Stratton when he gets in it. 


A couple of weeks ago we ate lunch with Grandma Kathie, Grandpa Calvin, Aunt Casey, and Uncle Marcus 
at Panera. Stratton had a lot of fun with Aunt Casey.

 I think at this point he was done with the pictures.
More to come later. I'm off to bed for the night. Christmas and New Years pictures to come.