Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

Friday at Rapco we got to dress up for Halloween.
I dressed up as Jessica from True Blood on HBO.
Obviously nobody knew how I was.
This was the first year that we got to really do Halloween with Stratton. 
We didn't really do a whole lot for Halloween. We started off at my sister Casey's house on Saturday night.
Casey and her friends dressed as Zombie Wizard of Oz! It was SO good. They even won $100 as a group.
There was the scarecrow, wicked witch of the west, Wizard, Dorothy, Glenda the good witch, tin man, and one lolly pop guild kid. They looked awesome!
Here is what Casey and Marcus looked like.

Casey and I put Marcus's top piece together using silver vinyl, safety pins, and chrome duct tape. 
We both agreed that it turned out awesome!

Sunday I had to work at the Kostomb Shoppe early on in the day. My mom and Stratton came to visit me at work. These were really the only good pictures I got of him. He hated getting his picture taken while he was in his Yoda costume. Poor little guy.
 I know the quality is terrible but it's all I got.
Stratton drinking Grandma Kathie's COFFEE!
Thanks mom.

We went and visited Aunt Casey and Uncle Marcus after he woke up from his nap. After that we went and saw Great Grandma B and then went to Great Grandma & Grandpa Janssen's house for more trick or treating. We wound up going to a few houses in the neighborhood. Stratton had never done this before so it was really cute to see him go to the door. When they would open the door we would tell him to say trick or treat and all he would say it "TREAT!" then he would take the candy and say "Thank you."
After Great Grandma & Grandpa Janssen's house we went to Great Grandma & Grandpa Williams house. We played with some toys there and she gave Derek and I a goodie bag full of beef jerky and swedish fish. She know's us TOO well. Then we were off to Aunt Stephie and Uncle G's house we stayed for a little bit and got to see baby Payne before he went to bed. Last we went to Great Grandma Maxines house. She gave us a card and candy. Stratton was sticky and fussy from all the candy so we went home and took a bath.
While Stratton took a bath we video chatted with Grandma Brenda up in Chicago. She sent us some really great pictures of herself while she was at work. 
 After Stratton's bath we had a small photo shoot.
Here are the results.