Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lauren & Alex Skelton Wedding

Here are the pictures form Lauren and Alex Skelton's wedding. It was such a great day and it was so beautiful. I'm so glad I have such a great friend like Lauren. She is Stratton's girlfriend for sure. He loves her so much. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed getting to share their day with them.
This is Eric Bock, Alex (the groom) and Derek acting silly
Derek and Alex look so handsome
 The boys looking good before the ceremony
 I love this picture of Derek. He looks so handsome.
 This is definitely my favorite. He looks so happy in this picture. Not to mention I love his hair here.
 My silly husband.
 Left to Right: Eric Bock, Derek, Alex, Ben (Ben's bro), Tyler Sprandel, and Corey Seabaugh
 I love these pictures of the boys walking down the street in their sunglasses. If you look close you can see that Tyler (first on the left) is wearing his moms sunglasses. Haha.
The Beautiful Bride Lauren
 These are the two girls that Lauren baby sits. They are SO cute and they both did SO well.
 Lauren and our friend Maggie Baugh (I love this picture because it's Stratton's two girlfriends)
 Me and the beautiful bride
 Love this picture
 I had no idea he took this picture but it came out really nice.
 I love this picture not only because it is SO stinkin cute but because this is the last kiss Lauren had as an unmarried woman. Love my little man.
 He loved sniffing the flowers (my mom did all the flowers by the way)
 Cutest little man in the whole wide world
 I love my little man and he loves me
 Grandma Kathie was such a big help that day with Stratton as the ring bearer
 Derek being himself, of course, right before the ceremony
 He RAN down the isle. He did SO good. I almost cried I was so proud of him
Stratton loves his daddy
 He loved the bubbles!
He's saying "i love YOU"
 I love this picture. It's SO adorable.
Tyson Zahner really did a great job getting such great moments at their wedding
 The only picture we got from that day as a family Derek has a beer and Stratton is barefoot. Haha. Lovely.