Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sometimes you just have to shop

The last couple days I have been a MESS. Seriously,I have been out of whack and have been a mean/moody/crying pile of hormones. It doesn't help that I'm stressed at work and school and at home. I can't get away from the stress. I get to work and I'm stressed. I go home and my house is a I'm even more stressed. Then I realize that I have a boat load of projects due next Wednesday for school and I get even more stressed. I needed a break from everything and nothing is better than going and burning a little plastic (if you know what I mean). My friend Lauren has been stressed too from her job as a teacher. We got together last night and spent some $$ at the mall. It was just what I needed. I got a few items on sale at hollister. Seriously, I got a cardigan ($45) and a long sleeve gray shirt ($35) for $24.  I felt pretty good that I got some good shirts for pretty cheap considering Hollister is SO expensive most of the time. I did splurge on my self last night though on one thing. I'm so proud of these things. Not only are they AWESOME but they even help get closer to crossing one more thing off my 101 in 1001. I got these! 
I got them at journeys last night and it was seriously what put a huge smile on my face (since Stratton wasn't home this morning to do it first).  I know they are super gaudy and I love it. I know shopping isn't always the best thing to do when you're down and I know it doesn't fix why I'm stressed but it definitely brightened my day and I'm happy with my buy. Not to mention a few of my friends work at journey's and they gave me a free pair of ballet slipper socks with gel backing for FREE! I love my friends. They definitely make my life so much better. Thank you Lauren for assisting me with my retail therapy! Love you girl!