Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Confessions

I confess I can't wait to see all the great comments from all my readers.

I confess I am so thankful my hair is back to a normal color.

I confess I went to Homecommers last night only for the taffy.

I confess I mowed tried mowing the lawn last night on the riding lawnmower and quit halfway through because Derek said I was doing it wrong.

I confess I would mow our lawn with a push mower any day over having to use the riding lawnmower.

I confess I gave an old man the finger the other day while driving. He deserved it.

I confess I have already been looking into getting another Sphynx cat when we have a lot more money. (Which is going to be a long while from now)

I confess I love Kat Von D even after all the bad decisions she makes.

I confess I will probably have a new background and theme to my blog in like a month. :)


Make sure if you vote you leave a comment as well. I can't pick a winner if I don't have any names. :)

Please Take A Min

If you could please take a min and answer the short poll I made on the right about the new blog layout and name that would be wonderful. Also, for those who vote and leave a comment as to what / how I can change my blog to make it better I will give away a FREE blog layout to the lucky winner.

The blog layout will include:

New header image of Choice.
New Side Labels of Choice
Background of Choice

Can't wait for all the helpful hints and bits of constructive criticism!

Voting ends NEXT FRIDAY @ 8:00am CST and a winner will be chosen randomly at Noon that same day.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just so everyone can rest hair has been fixed.
Check it out!
It's not black anymore!!! YAY!

I Finally Decided...

I've had the same name on my blog for 3 years now and it's time for a little change.


We are now

Glitter & Ink

If I get tired of it I might change it again. Who knows. That's the great thing about blogging. It's all about me and if I want to change it, then I can. Hope everyone is having an amazing day!

More Pictures!

I have been hoarding SO many pictures on my computer that I have reached full capacity on it so...I'm posting them on here and DELETING them off of my computer. Here are some that I had on my phone.

On my way out to work I drive by this adorable little thing in the morning. 
 Isn't he the sweetest?! I'm not sure if it's a he or a she but I'm just going to say it's a he for now.
 I love his little mohawk!
 This bird kept acting like he was eating my phone. It was kind of creepy. He kept getting really close to me.
 This friends is a Zedonk! It's half zebra and half donkey. Isn't he so cool looking?!
 Bye baby zebra!
 Groucho is so spoiled.
 It's kinda hot outside. Couldn't tell by the temp though.
 We went to Bob Evan's a few weekends ago and Stratton loved all the fruit they had.  I love how he will eat fruits and veggies over candy. He must not be my kid.
 Stratton has been having a hard time sleeping in his own bed lately but one night when my sister came over he completely crashed on the couch. He has been playing SO hard lately. I love when he falls asleep on me. :)
 Stratton has learned how to take pictures on my phone now too. This is one of his self portrait sessions.
I'm not sure if Stratton is afraid of the dark or not but my friend Leslie has been letting us barrow a lighted turtle. It shines blue, green, or orange stars on the ceiling. One night while we were laying in bed he wanted to play with the turtle and shine it in my and Derek's face and on his belly too. I wish these pictures would have turned out better but here are a few. You can click on them to make them bigger.
 It's kind of hard to tell but that is Stratton laying with the turtle shining down on him.
 This one is Stratton's face with the stars shining on him.
 We have been playing Bingo at work lately and this is how close I came to winning. The only number I needed was B6. Maybe next time.
 While Derek was in Nashville, Stratton and I went to Le Bounce for him to get rid of all the energy he has been storing up. I hate that it's been so hot because it's even to hot to swim. We went to Le Bounce instead and he had a BLAST!
 I have been in dire need of a pedi lately. This is how bad my toes were yesterday. I chipped the paint off of my middle toe and instead of taking all of my polish off (I was in a hurry) I just painted over the bare toenail with a different color. It was horrible.
 This monster was in the parking lot at work yesterday. I have never seen a hornet this big.
 That's my thumb that I'm holding up next to it. The stinger on it was HUGE. I would hate to get stung by that thing.
  My Grandma Marge took us to McAlisters the other night to go eat and they had a kids night. They had a little area where you could walk the plank. This is Stratton's attempt at walking the plank.
 We also made an Ocean in a Bottle.
 They had little fish and turtles you could put in the water.
 They also had some seashells you could put it in too.
 Stratton was loving getting to put all the stuff in the water.

 After we made the bottle they had a treasure chest where you could throw gold coins into it and get a prize. Stratton threw his coins and then picked up the mess that all the other kids had made. Haha. I just love him to pieces.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Picture Dump

I finally got a new camera!!! YAYAYAY! I'm so excited! Derek bought it for me as a early Birthday/Christmas/late Mothers Day present. I'm loving it so far and I need to learn how to get the light settings right and what not. Here is my picture dump for the day.
 Isn't he the cutest thing ever?
  This is by far one of my favorite pictures.
 Stratton loves to be scared. Seriously, he thrives on being scared.
 I love this picture of him. He looks so sweet an innocent. Key word being LOOKS.
  Redneck water park: coolers and a water sprinkler.
 He doesn't seem to mind.
 He loves his Aunt Casey and Uncle Marcus's kayaks.
 More cooler fun. He was splashing SO much and screaming like a little girl.
 Marshmallows were also part of the equation. He loves marshmallows.
 It's funny watching him put the whole thing in his mouth and try to chew.
 He is such a cheeser.
 Fruity Popsicle's are SO good in the summer time. Especially the creamy fruit ones. 
Saturday after Stratton threw up all over himself we stopped by Bollinger Mill. Stratton was fascinated by all the old stuff. 
This building is seriously SO neat.
This younger guy that the mill would seriously not leave us alone. It was SO annoying.
 Don't mind the pasty white legs. They're there all year round no matter how much I go out in the sun.
I love this picture. He is so cute.
  There was initials on there from Aug 25, 1918. That was SO long ago. It just makes you wonder who did it and where are now. I'm guessing probably not alive but you never know.
The weather couldn't have been more perfect for a day out. It was beautiful.
Stratton would look through the cracks and say "Oh no! I no fall!"
 He was mad that I wouldn't let him go near the sides of the bridge so he wouldn't look at the camera for me.
 Peeking in the window. It was hot a stuffy in that building.
 Here Stratton is "smashin' spiders" haha. He never ceases to amaze me with the funny things he does.