Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I got a new J.O.B.!

So i have had 4 jobs now since the beginning of this year. I started this year working at a family owned company called Identity Elements and was fired the Monday after my wedding. Thanks guys for the awesome wedding present. Next was Old Navy where I worked with my sister-in-law Maddie. I hated it there. I worked crappy shifts that made it so I never got to see Derek. I always had to close and it was non stop folding clothes. WHICH I HATE! But what did I expect working at a clothes store right? After that short little job experience with Old Navy I got a job (still out at the mall) at a place called the Shoe Dept. It was so easy and the people that I worked with were great. Only bad part was that the pay wasn't that great and the shifts weren't long enough to be worth driving from Jackson and back everyday. I still had my job at the Murphy's barn where I cleaned stalls and fed horses but I was getting too far along in my pregnancy to keep cleaning stalls and lifting the water buckets so I had to stop until I have the baby. (I'll be back there as soon as Stratton gets here) So what was I to do now? Thankfully my step-mother-in-law asked if I would come and work at RapcoHorizon with them as a graphic designer in their marketing department. So, now I have a real job that I enjoy and will look great on my resume as soon as I graduate. YAY!

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