Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rants in my Pants

What did we do before the internet? Seriously. I have been wondering this all day. I mean, if I'm at the store and I want to make a cake from scratch but don't know what do buy, I open up safari on my phone, go to google, type in the cake recipe I want and *poof* there is...the recipe with ingredients that I need. 

I'm wondering this because today I have looked up three different topics, two of which I plan on ranting about:

1. Facebook and why it is the devil
2. What to do if your 2 year old bites at the baby sitters but not at home
3. Topix and why it is also the devil

As I've mentioned before on here before...I hate facebook. Now don't get me wrong. I have a facebook account and I use it daily BUT I seriously HATE it. With a passion. I hate that it is such a waste of time and how obnoxious people are on their status updates. I hate that people misinterpret others statuses. I hate that people can use facebook as a bullying tool. I hate that people are on it ALL THE TIME even when you're trying to have a conversation with them. I especially hate that people have lost boyfriends, jobs and HUSBANDS due to the inner workings of this "social site" a.k.a. "festering pool of temptation." On some of the websites that I've seen or news articles that I've read they can use facebook to notify you that you have jury duty and it is considered a legal binding document! In another article a girl was killed by her boyfriend because she changed her relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single." Seriously, killed? Why? I remember when you had to be a college student and you had to go to a college that was supported by facebook to actually get onto facebook. Now everyone and their momma can be on facebook. (yes, my mom is on facebook too if you're wondering). But that's just the thing. What started out as something cool and private that you could share with just your friends has turned into this open book of your whole life for THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE! I had to untag some of my pictures and delete notes and other posts from the past before I could accept my family members as friends. The worst part is those pictures are STILL floating out there of me and I can't do a dang thing about it. I'm not ashamed of them but I don't particularly want my grandma to see me drunk at a party.  I now have to censor what I say so I don't offend anyone or hurt anyone's feelings on top of everything else. So what if I choose not to "friend" someone or  "de-friend" someone? I AGAIN hurt someones feelings or piss someone off. It's ridiculous. If I defriend you on facebook does that automatically mean I don't want you as a friend in real life? No, I just don't want you to see everything that there is out there on facebook of me. I don't want you to see my kid, my husband my thoughts, WHERE I AM (that is a whole other topic that erks me. Stop checking in everywhere you go. Do you not understand that if people see that you're not home they will go rob your house? Look it up!). I just want you to know me for ME. I don't want you to know me by what I have posted or said on facebook. Every facebook page is a meticulously put together page of every person out there. For all I know you could have photoshopped every single one of your photos (which I know people who do that), named off random bands that are cool right now but you have no intention of ever listening to their music, and have never even picked up a book in your entire life. But, on facebook you are in love "said cool bands", you have a perfect skin complexion and you have read the entire library. It's FAKE...all FAKE. I'm tired of facebook. I'm going to go on a facebook hiatus for a little while. Next topic.  

The four letter word of the day in our household is BITE!
Stratton once again bit another child at the baby sitters house. I seriously have no idea what to do. He never bites at home and even when we're around other kids he does really well at not losing his temper. I'm not sure if it is because the baby sitter is having a hard time watching all the kids at once (please do not get me wrong here. Our baby sitter has been a GOD SENT. She is amazing with the kids and has really taught Stratton a lot in the last 2 years). I just don't get it. He hasn't bit in a while and just yesterday he bit a little girl so hard that it almost broke the skin. Mrs Lisa obviously puts him in time out and disciplines him but she doesn't spank him. I'd like some opinions on this. How would you handle this kind of situation. In the past when he has bit and I've been around we would give him a smack on the butt and put him in a pretty long time out. Now that he's starting to hit more often we haven't been spanking him but using the timeout in longer durations and making sure we really sit down and talk to him. We have also been taking his toys away when he gets in trouble. This has been a huge one for him. He loves his monster trucks and the other night when he threw a fit I took away his monster truck and said he couldn't have it back until he acted better and acted like a "big boy." This really struck a nerve for him and he was way more upset than just sitting in time out. This seemed like a pretty big convincer for him because once I asked him if he was going to act like a big boy and get his truck back he straightened back out. I just don't know what to do about the baby sitters house. It's hard because I'm not there and I don't know what happened to make him want to bite. He gets his feeling hurt so easily and he's usually such a loving little boy. I think he's just hitting those terrible twos. Any advice is much appreciated. (and yes I've been looking on forums and other websites for advice on this one too)

Last and definitely least is Topix. For those of you who don't know what this website is. Good for you. You have saved thousands of your braincells from jumping off the big rocky cliff inside your brain to a nasty bloody death at the bottom. Topix is an open forum for anyone (and I mean anyone) to get on there and "state their opinion." I'm just going to throw this out there right off the bat and tell you my opinion on opinions...keep them to yourself! I understand that this forum could have potentially been something that could become somewhat of a helping tool or a way to voice your opinion on a certain topic important to the community. But, when you're putting trash out there about racism, people's personal lives, whether a teacher has a nice butt, who did what with your "baby momma" or "baby daddy", and all the stupid other crap that you have to spew out there...this is not a helpful tool. People get on there and get a complex. They have a security wall between them and whoever they want to talk slander about. You don't even have to use your real name on there! You can get on, write your trash about whoever or whatever, and then post it for the whole world to see. No harm no foul right? Wrong. Once that crap is on can't take it down. There is no delete button, there is no back space to make it all go away. So that nasty remark about whoever that you wrote a couple of weeks ago will be there forever (or until they shut down that horrible waste of internet space.) Stay away from this site because there is nothing positive about it. Nothing but slander and name calling. I have nothing good to say about that website.   

This concludes todays episode of
"Rants in my Pants"