Friday, September 2, 2011

Picture Dump

This is going to be a HUGE post of pictures. I have had these for a little while but just haven't had the time to do a nice long lovely edited post of these. So, please excuse the lack of editing and some of the crappy pictures. I just love to share them even if they kinda stink. Enjoy!
 Yes we walk our cat on a leash. Haha.
 Stratton loves his Groucho Cat
 We have an awesome parking lot behind our house that is great for Stratton to get his scooter out and get some energy out of his system.
 He is so serious sometimes.
 He loves giving Groucho kisses on the back.
 Such a pretty kitty
I have such a handsome husband.
 He is such a cheese ball!

A few weekends ago Derek's friend Aaron got married. They had such a beautiful wedding and it was nice for Derek to get to see all of his friends.
 Jess made a beautiful bride.
 Derek and Luke being silly.
 Derek doesn't get to see his step brother Danny very often so it was nice to see him too.
 Before the reception Derek and I went to Schlafly's restaurant and got some shrimp and a few drinks.
 Derek got the beer sampler.
 Again I have such a handsome husband :)
 I stuck with the root beer and water. It was SO good!
 And another beer for Derek after the sampler.
Ok so I got two good pictures out of him before I got this. 
 ...and this.
 One of the only pictures of me from that night. Whoops. I forget to get any of myself.
 Our friend Amanda and her boyfriend Tommy. They are so fun!
 Danny, Derek and Money Bags as Derek refers to our friend Kody's dad.
 Kody, Ronnie, Derek and Luke having too much fun.
 Same group except now with the lovely groom Aaron. These boys are seriously too much sometimes. Hah!
 Aaron and Amanda
 Danny and Money Bags
 All the boys for photo shoot. They love getting their pictures taken. 

 Aaron and his friend Jake
 They boys were dancing up a storm. It was hilarious!
 Words can't even explain.
 I bought a cheap water slide at Wal-Mart for Stratton last week. It lasted all of like 2 days before it busted but it was really fun while it lasted.
 Stratton had SO much fun on it except for the water being a little chilly.
 Cutest butt around.
 He screamed the entire time he went through the water. It was SO cute.
Day 2 with the slip and bleed slide, my mom came over and walked the cat.
 Stratton wanted to play in the water SO bad but it really was a lot colder.
 I had to hold the bottom of it once it popped because the water wouldn't flow through it I didn't hold it.
 He was getting SO mad at me because I wouldn't slide down the slide with him.
 So we stood outside and he did this for an hour. Haha
I went over to my friend Terea's house to take her pictures for her profession "head shot." I'm not gonna lie I felt a little like Glamor Shots by Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. Haha. She has the coolest dog I've seen in a while. His name is Semore and he is too cute.
 Poor puppy.
Look at those big ol lips!
 Happy Dog
Hope you enjoyed all the lovely pictures. I'll try to keep them coming. I'm excited to get out there and start taking pictures again. It's been too long.